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Reminders before Final Exam

Please be reminded that the lecture notes from Week 8 up to the end are contained and updated in these two files: Notes for Sequence and Series (Week 8-10) Power Series, Taylor and Maclaurin Series (Week 11-12) Also, you should

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Lecture #23 – second to final lecture on course materials

So we did cover most of the final part of the notes (see previous post for the file) except the last two examples showing how to prove a Taylor series converges to the function it represents (as we always expect

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Final set of notes uploaded

The file taylor is now updated to cover everything I want to teach for Taylor and Maclaurin series. The marathon is coming to an end soon. I will further double check the typed notes we have so far and upload a revision

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Quiz 4 Solution.

Lecture Notes are already posted, no major changes. Hi everybody For solutions to today’s quiz, see HW9, Section 11.3 Q1: Q9 Q2: Q25 HW9, Section 11.4 Q3: Q31 HW10, Section 11.6 Q4: Q17 Q5: Q27 I am not posting separate

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Lecture #22

Notes already uploaded, by expanding the previous file taylor . Most probably we won’t be able to cover everything shown. It can be helpful to your note taking if you print this file out and bring it along.

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Lecture #21

Today we finished the last example on Ratio Test and introduced Power Series: taylor As suggested by the name of the file, our ultimate goal is to understand Taylor Series representations of functions.

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Lecture #20

Today we covered Alternating Series again and then most of the examples on Ratio Test. (Section 11.5-11.6) wk10day20 The only example that is missing bridges Ratio Test to the next topic: Power Series (Section 11.8) The combined file: notes_seq_series has

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Notes for Sequence and Series (up to Section 11.6, Ratio Test)


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Lecture #19

For some reasons, I didn’t have the book with me and I wrote the notes on top of my head, (plus the sleep-deprived condition after MT II marking…), then as expected, I made a couple of mistakes, including a really

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Lecture #18 Posted

wk9day18 We covered up to the last example of the Direct Comparison Test, but haven’t started the Limit Comparison Test.

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