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Mon 9-10am office hours moved to Tue 4-5pm

As title. If you need my help for anything urgent on Monday. Please send me an email and see if we could arrange any time in the afternoon.

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Lecture #14

Today we covered moments & centre of mass (found in Sec 8.3 of textbook, ignore hydrostatic pressure / force and theorem of Pappus) and started the topic of ordinary differential equations (ODE, found in Sec. 9.3). We briefly discussed how

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On Mistakes

It’s too much for me to lost it. I’ll copy and paste it here. This is a reply to a Piazza question on specific suggestions for avoiding math mistakes (that the author has listed). Some practical advice on the list

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Thank you for the help.

This could be a worse day for me if you guys weren’t quick enough to point out the mistakes. Hope I’ll recover soon from bad shape. I intended to cover more on trigonometric integrals that could be solved by substitution

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The Sobering Quiz 1

How do you feel about Quiz 1? Give me some comments! (On Piazza or here!) Let me tell you how I designed the Quiz. It was deliberately written with these aims in mind those who understands the concepts will get

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Week 2 Day 4

Into the 2nd week, most of you are feeling pressures from other courses and assignments, right? I hope you could still keep your effort going. Now the tedious Riemann sum is past, we’ll be doing some wonderful algebraic tricks that

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Our Day 3 in the 1st week of Class

I decide to make this separate post to make personal comments, so that people are not forced to read my grumblings or any nonsense when they only want the files and progress update. Firstly, I really would like you to

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Welcome to Integral Calculus à la MATH101:210

See you at 9:30am at Buchanan A104 on Thursday, Jan 3rd! Happy New Year! This is the first course blog post! As the course moves on, progress and updates will be posted as blogs also.

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