Guanaco Taco of a Month

I kind of maybe a little bit disappeared . . . oops.


It’s October . . . 6th. Oh, shoot, that reminds me, Happy Anniversary to two thirds of my parental unit! October 6th also means that it’s been almost a month since I last posted. Considering probably no one reads this I’m sure no one cares, but if you are reading this, and do (thanks!), sorry.

So, I thought I’d come back with the highlights of my September because there were some pretty messy days last month, and it’s good to focus on the good (wow, great adjectives, Mariah).

So far October has been pretty bright, and on the whole I’m feeling a fair bit more positive.

In the middle of September the Chan Centre hosted a concert by Chris Thile and Edgar Meyer, which I attended. Thile is heralded as one of the utmost mandolin players in the world, and Meyer the same, but double bass. Needless to say, it was wonderful.

If you’re at all interested, they recently released an album together, which you can sample (and even purchase) at

Just a week later I attended my first “real” concert at the PNE Forum, Die Antwoord. They were super wild and energetic, and I don’t really know how that night could have been improved upon. This concert was the place to be if you wanted to sample the weirdest people of Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Die Antwoord is the kind of music I like to listen to when I’m about to go out on the weekend, or if I’m driving somewhere, rather than on my own during down time. If you’re thinking of checking them out note that they’re a bit NSFW and provocative, but it’s not to be taken seriously.

The last highlight of my September was the discovery of guanacos:


This discovery may actually be the highlight of my year. They are like llama 3.0s, and their name rhymes with taco. What could be better? Seriously what?

So, yeah, just going to leave you with that.

Pretty fantastic, hey?

Hopefully I’ll be back a bit sooner next time.




It’s Funny What A Year Can Do


Perhaps you’re familiar with the above lady. Perhaps you’re not even familiar with Twitter, let alone Angelina L.B. (albinwonderland on social media, or just ALB). While obviously the aforementioned tweet may have more meaning if you were aware of what Angelina had been going through a year ago (reference video: ), I still think the last statement is universal. Because, I mean, it’s funny what a year can do.

Snap back to reality/ Oh, there goes gravity 

Thank you, Eminem circa 2002 ^

I just wanted an interesting transition into my current situation. Was that interesting?

I couldn’t tell you.

So, anyways, uh, snapping back to reality and all, I’ve been having quite the week. Mostly it has just been the stress of a new school year and really weighing the options of my future, but I’ve also been finding myself missing my friends and family at home. A lot. I found myself calling my dad to talk about politics on Tuesday morning. Normally, I might try and avoid the topic with him, as he’s very… passionate. (My dad is actually an awesome dude, just sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming) But no, Tuesday came and I found myself watching the news wishing my dad was there to give me some back story and somehow work Lawrence of Arabia into his explanation of the crisis in the Middle East (I’ve yet to watch the film, sorry Dad). To top it all off, today I found out I have a staph infection, which temporarily scared the pants off of me, but don’t worry, or do (your choice), I saw an awesome doctor and it’s under control.

My week has been hell, and yet I’ve come so far from where I was a year ago. I am in a massively better place. I had just become enamoured with Angelina’s YouTube channel ( basically when that video was released, and while I have never suffered from depression, I was not in that great of a place, either. Angelina’s videos pulled me into a new world. I had never been aware of feminism on that level before, and she conveyed so many critiques of today’s society in such an eloquent fashion, I just couldn’t help but become enthusiastic about feminism and her work. It was one of the few things that brought me a lot of excitement at that time. I didn’t really have a lot of confidence in my self, or the world, a year ago. I struggled with a lot of anxiety, and it started to snowball, but slowly, slowly, over the course of the past year, my life has really been looking up.

This blog of mine is pretty fresh, but I don’t think that takes away from the honesty or realness of what a year can do, has done, for me, and many others. Perhaps this seems like some sort of wonky albinwonderland tribute, and perhaps it partly is, but it’s also to say thank you to all of those have stuck around.

And mostly, it’s to say, man, it’s funny what a year can do.

Grasses Never Greener


There’s a lot to contend with at UBC for someone so unexperienced with the city, such as myself. My first day of classes I spent almost completely lost. The campus is quite the labyrinth, and I was most definitely late for my first two classes – oops. The tardiness led to me having to sit in a seat with freshly spilled coffee on it in my first class; I think I’ve officially redefined the “pick me up” aspect of coffee after having the scent trail behind me for two hours.

Luckily, I got to end the week with the AMS Backyard BBQ. I had purchased tickets as soon as possible after receiving an e-mail from AMS that listed We Are The City in the lineup.

We interrupt your regular programming to provide you with a brief illustration of the situation:

*receives and reads e-mail while en route to UBC via Highway 97*

*screeches and calls boyfriend immediately making sure that tickets will be bought*

*hangs up and faints*

Ok, so maybe the fainting isn’t exactly accurate, in fact, I think my dad gave me a hasty lecture on long distance calls right after I hung up, BUT ANYWAYS

I’ve been pretty excited to move here, not only because of school, but because Vancouver is host to a lot of concerts that I’ve been seriously missing out on. As in, I’ve only been to festivals, and have never really seen a band I chose to see, more so attended the festival and discovered bands I’ve come to enjoy. So, this was a pretty big deal, and it ended up continuing to be a big deal. I was lucky enough to purchase a vinyl copy of We Are The City’s most recent album at the BBQ (can I get a heck yeah for We Are The City for varying from the mundane black vinyl and pressing Violent onto translucent vinyl), and get it signed. Shoutout to my boyfriend, Dylan, for buying the tickets,  and getting the drummer Andy’s attention.

Needless to say, I had a pretty fantastic night Friday.

Thank you, AMS, for including We Are The City in the BBQ lineup; We Are The City for having some awesome musical creations; and Andy for your kind words! It definitely improved my first week; rather than remembering damp dresses, and scrambling to class, I can relive one ridiculously great night.

From Pinkut Creek to Walter Gage

Eyes closed and I can see a never ending ridge of mountains surrounding me.

I open them, and maybe it’s the other Gage Towers (I’m in East), or sloughs of people with errands that seem much more important than the ones I’ve sent myself on.

It’s funny because the view that I got used to this summer was of one of the larger bodies of water in northern BC, Babine Lake. Now I’m in Gage, and I’ve got a view of the largest in all of BC (READ: Pacific Ocean – tsk, tsk). Somehow I went from 4,000 on the wait list to an ocean view. I’ve gone from a SAT phone and unreliable internet for the past four months to campus wide wifi. No longer am I seeing the same three people on a daily basis, but instead living surrounded by thousands.

I wouldn’t say I’m in shock so much as utterly terrified and stoked at the same time. I’ve been waiting to come to UBC for over a year now, and I honestly cannot believe I’m here, but I am, and I’m still standing.

Eyes closed and it’s the usual and expected: the bridge over Pinkut Creek, a blue tin roof, and rabbits racing across a gravel road.

Eyes open and it’s all brand new. And I’ve never been happier to say that.


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