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Brace yourself, finals are coming

Well the semester has almost come to an end. We have 2 weeks left and I’ve just wrapped up all of my midterms and now I am just cruising by and waiting for finals to come. I have been very busy this week and this time it’s not because of exams, but rather because I’ve been involved with organizing the Engineering Open House. This is an awesome opportunity for high school students and current students to come and check out all the amazing programs we offer. It’s Saturday, Nov 28, which is my B-day, so it sucks that I have to come in that day. But, I love to help kids out so that they don’t come into UBC with the same state of confusion that I had. Open House is an awesome opportunity to just check out all of our labs–we have a ton of cool stuff and free stuff to give out. So tell your squad, tell your siblings, tell everyone. This is something you don’t want to miss. Event of the year y’all.

All this is awesome and all, but let’s face the inevitable future. Finals. This is going to be a grind. So brace yourselves, finals are coming.


Design Project Galore

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay in posting – it has been a crazy few weeks here in Mech (to be expected, but yet, you never quite get used to it).

On Friday, I had to submit a 300 page technical report for MECH 328 (Mechanical Engineering Design Project). The project this year was to propose design modifications to the Martin 16, a sailing boat used by disabled sailors, for the Disabled Sailing Association. The project was really interesting and open-ended. We were given suggestions for areas of improvement, but the actual designs were up to us as students. The project was meant to mimic a real-life engineering project. We worked in teams of 6-8 and had weekly briefing meetings with our “supervisors” (a professor and T.A).

Unlike the project in MECH 223 (2nd year design project), this project revolved around paper prototypes. This means that no physical prototyping was required, but was still an option. Most of the prototypes consisted of iterations of calculations and simulations. Now that the report is finished, the next part of the project is to do an oral presentation. That’s coming up this Friday and shouldn’t be too bad!

On another note, last Friday, the Club Mech executives got together to get our executive/ex-officios group photos done. We all met up at Evangelos Photography studio on West Broadway and Balaclava. We took a variety of photos – from very serious to super silly. Keep an eye out the Club Mech Facebook page to see the photos. Afterwards, we hit up the Coppertank to relax and start our weekend!

What did you all do this weekend?


On another note: 32 days until Christmas!!

Networking 101

OMG. I just had the craziest couple weeks. It was full of quizzes, midterms and psych papers. But what I loved most about my week was the Mech Engineering Networking Event that was held at the wicked new alumni center. This was a fun-filled evening in which I just got to talk to a bunch of faculty and staff members and have a good time. The best part was that the UBC alumni were invited. This was particularly awesome because all the alumni work for cool companies so it was a great opportunity to network myself for potential co-op jobs. I cannot stress how valuable it is to network yourself during your undergrad. You maximize your chances of finding a job if you have a great network. The alumni event was so cool because they had all sorts of food and drinks available for you, so it was a great time to grab a beer with a prof. Along with food, drinks and faculty, the event also included a great tour of the alumni center which has been given the gold LEED standard award. That’s kind of a big deal. This means we are slaying the sustainability competition. Siddhant out. Peace

8 weeks down, 5 to go.

At this time of the year, I always finds myself asking: “How is the semester almost over?!” I feel like I just started classes yesterday.

I just finished up a crazy week of midterms – I had 4 exams in one week: MECH 325 (Mechanical Design I), MECH 326 (Mechanical Design II), MECH 368 (Instrumentation), and MECH 392 (Manufacturing Processes). They are all super interesting and practical courses – if you’re in the General Mechanical Engineering stream, all of these courses will be apart of your standard time table – but I’m certainly happy that I don’t have to stress about exams anymore…Until finals.

Now, I finally have time to catch up on assignments, project work, extracurricular clubs, and my favourite TV shows. Sweeeeet.

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We’re halfway there

Wow. What a month. Just finished up a crazy month full of midterms and papers. It sucks that I have to take an arts elective, cause let’s be honest fam, it ain’t my forte. I had to write a psych paper on why tests help you learn in the middle of all my midterms. Naturally, I did it in a couple nights and just studied for my engineering courses. I only have 4 courses this semester. I thought it would be easy to take a light load, but I didn’t realize how demanding electives can become. I am taking heat transfer, solid mechanics, impact of technology online and psychology. I know it sounds really easy, but it’s not. I am constantly studying something or running from place to place for meetings. My quiet time is anytime past 10pm that I have to myself. It’s been a crazy month but it will be a memorable one. Plus November is the best month in the whole year cause it’s ya boy’s bday. That’s right I get to slay the midterms and turn a year older. I be slaying the competition. “Insert peace emoji”.


Siddhant Malik