Open House in the House

What’s good y’all. So last Saturday we had this crazy awesome day. It was called Open House. MECH had an awesome event going on. Kaiser 1180 was bumping harder than the VENUE nightclub on a peak Friday. We had Charlie the robot throwing down some moves, Formula and Baja were grinding their gears and I, the head intern, was making magic at the strawkets (straw-powered rockets) table. Yes it was a magical day, but it was also a hectic one. I am not going to say that I wasn’t tired but I would do it all over again. I am the type of dude that just loves to talk to people about their prospective futures. It is important to me that they understand everything completely before jumping into it. I didn’t have this privilege. Being the eldest child I was new to this whole application process and naturally it was a very tense time at the dawn of December as the application deadline approached. So yes I gladly cleared up people’s confusion and helped them understand the path of UBC engineering and why it is the Holy Grail that everyone says it is. It was hard for me not to rep MECH considering how much I love it. (MECH IS LOVE MECH IS LIFE.) But I had to keep in mind that people will discover what they want after first year, so it was important to describe to them the general prospects of engineering rather than just MECH, even if it is one of the better programs.


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