Duane Evans



Duane Evans first started meditation when he was in high school. He was introduced through books on Zen by American Zen teacher, Brad Warner. He has taken an 8-week MBCT course by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. He also took part in several Vipassana day retreats and one 7-day residential Zen retreat with the Vancouver Zen Centre.

During his sits, Duane will try to be as transparent as possible about mindfulness meditation.  He wants to highlight the scientific evidence of the practice as much as possible and dispel misconceptions about meditation. Meditation has helped him with concentration and mood regulation. He thinks that mindfulness practice has the potential to provide focus and insight and is excited to share it with you. Duane believes that community is imperative to a robust practice – please feel free to drop by for a mindfulness meditation and an opportunity to see what it is all about!