Jason Leslie

Jason started meditating 15 years ago, and understanding the mind through meditation has been his passion ever since.  Starting in the Tibetan tradition, he later moved to the Western Insight movement that has grown from the Therevada Buddhist traditions of South East Asia and Sri Lanka.  He has attended many retreats at the Spirit Rock and Insight Meditation Society centres in the United States and is a graduate of the two-year Dedicated Practitioners Program, an in-depth study of the Buddhist path.
Jason’s teaching style involves both mindfulness meditation and calm-abiding meditation for developing ease of mind and a clear view of our inner lives.  He sees Buddhist practice and study through the lens of science and modern Western values, believing they are compatible and complimentary.  He has been leading meditation groups and teaching classes for many years and is a junior teacher-in-training at the BC Insight Meditation Society (bcims.org).  In his “spare time” he is also pursuing a PhD at the UBC Faculty of Law.