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Hello fellow human beings! So what have I been up to during the last week and a half, you ask? Well, for starters, I’ve been doing homework! *a gasp from the crowd* Yes, I know, it seems crazy and completely unlike me, but recently I’ve noticed that if I want to keep up in my classes, I have to do work, even if it goes against my basic lazy nature. Since I’m in music, I don’t do homework like the rest of you guys. You read chapters in books and write papers; I practice melodic dictation and sight singing, and I do lots of worksheets for music theory. And frankly, I enjoy doing my homework. It takes my mind off things like being homesick and a little bit lonely, and instead makes me focus on the fact that I’m here to learn how to become a better musician, not to mope around all the time.

Let’s switch topics! Over the last week, I got so much closer with a bunch of ladies from my floor, and I’m proud to call them all my friends. Honestly, my floor is pretty much the best floor in Vanier. We went for a floor dinner to Tomokazu (this sushi place on Broadway) and it was pretty much the best thing ever. I ate raw fish. And I LIKED it. Now that is something to be amazed at. Before Graffiti Night (which was amazing, by the way, if any of you first years are reading this next year, I highly suggest shelling out the $10 and getting a ticket), we had a shirt cutting party so we could make our boring white shirts all purdy for the dance. Almost our entire floor showed up for Vanier Olympics, which led to OkaBoo winning the award for Best Turnout. So yeah. I obviously have the best floor ever. Caribabes for the win!

In terms of my classes, they’re still pretty fun. I don’t hate waking up at 8 every morning yet (although I’m sure that will change pretty soon) because my history of music lecture at 9:30 fascinates me. Well, enough procrastinating for me. Time to get back to writing a paper for Arts Studies and finishing writing my tuba solo. You will hear from me soon, people who read my blog (even though I don’t know who, if anyone, you are).

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