And midterms are…?

Hello all!

So lately, something I’ve been hearing all around campus has gone something like this:

“Hey, want to go to a movie tonight?” “No, sorry, I have a midterm to study for.” “A midterm? It’s not even the middle of the term! We’ve only been here for a month!” “I know, but I have a bunch this week, so I can’t hang out now, sorry!”

Yeah. I’ve been there a TON of times because the lovely music faculty actually schedules midterms at – get this – the MIDDLE OF THE TERM. So I don’t have a midterm for two weeks, but meanwhile I have no one to spend time with since they’re all busy frantically learning calculus and psychology. *sigh* And since I don’t really have too much to do comparatively, I just sit in my room eating cookies and watching episodes of TV on my laptop. It’s a sad life.

And the rain. My god. It’s constant! And it doesn’t matter if I use an umbrella or not, because every day by the time I get to the music building from Vanier (it’s a 5 minute walk by the way) I am absolutely SOAKED. It’s a bit unfortunate, but it helps wake me up in the morning, which is always appreciated!

Well, that’s all for now, so adios amigos!

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