Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy late Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your weekend was just as awesome as mine was (except for the fact that I got absolutely no homework done and was completely swamped when I got back on Monday afternoon).

This was my first Thanksgiving away from home. It also marked the one-month-iversary of being away from my parents, which was pretty depressing. But it wasn’t all bad! Since about half of my floor went home, making it uber quiet and kinda creepy, it made it easy for about 4 or 5 of us to hang out comfortably for the whole weekend. We went shopping and got more tea (not that I need any more, I honestly have enough tea to last me a year), and ate expensive crepes at a place downtown just because we were happy. And walking around on Saturday in the crisp, clean air, I felt free and relaxed and high on life.

Then came Sunday. I slept in until noon, which was actually AMAZING. And the remaining few people from my floor all went to paint mugs at this cute little shop down on West 4th. We’re still waiting to get them back, but I am now the proud owner of a autumn themed mug that I painted myself. And that is pretty freaking cool.

Then I had Thanksgiving dinner at a family friend’s house. It was incredible. We sat there eating cheese beforehand (did you know that the Vanier caf doesn’t sell much cheese stuff? I didn’t until I was seriously cheese deprived), then had this fabulous turkey dinner complete with stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce and gravy. *smacks lips* I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! A real homecooked meal is sooooo nice after a whole month of caf food.

The rest of the weekend went by in a blur and, before I knew it, it was Monday night and I had a test the next day that I hadn’t studied for and I was pushed back into the hustle and bustle of things rather unceremoniously. So I studied hard and did fairly well (I hope) and after a single intensive theory class, it seemed like the whole weekend had never happened, except that I had a few remnants of a turkey sandwich lying in my room.

So I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving, even you out of country kids who had no clue what we were talking about (and even you Americans, who scoffed at our odd ways). Until later, ciao!

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