The troubles of a music student

Hello wonderful people!

I have officially decided that I will attempt to write at least one blog post per week, although I’m almost positive that I won’t have enough to write about, seeing as how my life at the moment is all focused on schoolwork and finding new TV shows to get distracted with (have you seen Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D? It’s awesome, just fyi).

At the moment, I am distracting myself from studying for my listening quiz. Yes, LISTENING quiz. What is that, you ask? Well, it’s a unique form of torture that the composition professors dreamed up so students didn’t have to take real tests, you know, the ones that involve reading things from notes and such. For my listening quiz, I am required to know 19 pieces of music by heart. The professor will then play 10-15 seconds of said music (which can be up to 5 minutes long in reality) and from that small excerpt, I have to identify the name of the piece, full composer name, and the movement title or number. Just to put this in perspective, those 19 pieces make up more than an hour of music. And from that hour, I get to listen to approximately 1.5 minutes. And those 1.5 minutes determine a fairly large chunk of my grade. So how do I study for this? I just listen to the music. Over and over again. So for all of you kids complaining about regular midterms (except those of you taking Gateman’s midterms, I feel bad for you), see what a music student has to go through? No more saying “oh, you’re in music? That’s sooooo cool, what kind of stuff do you do? Do you just play stuff? I mean, what can you do?” THIS IS THE ANSWER, PEOPLE. You learn a lot of music, and sooner or later your brain explodes because you know like thirty pieces of music that you had never heard before coming here and it’s exhausting to remember it all and keep up with your other classes that don’t require you to memorize music.

On the other hand, we do play a lot of stuff. October 11th was our first concert of the year, and it was faaaaabulous! I’m in the Concert Winds, so we played first in the concert and didn’t do too badly, if I do say so myself. Then I sat in the audience and listened to SWE and their pieces were beautiful and heartbreaking and I loved them so much. My new goal is to get into SWE next year because the music is just at a completely different level. It has EMOTIONS – some of the pieces we played at the concert just felt (dare I say it?) BORING. To me at least. Maybe you guys liked it? Who knows, I could have just desensitized myself to it after long hours of rehearsals and practice. Anyways, if you ever want to see an awesome free concert, just head on up to the Chan Centre for any of the orchestra, SWE, or concert winds concerts. Trust me, you’ll love them.

And that is all for now! Time to go back to learning how four of Debussy’s preludes are practically the exact same and figuring out how to differentiate from them. Until later, au revoir!


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  1. Sounds fun at first read, but to remember 19 pieces of music is a tough job even for a music buff. Anyhow, hope you get good grades, goodluck dear 🙂

    And BTW, that black background uhhh, it almost makes my eyes dizzy… 😉 change it to something white, or any other light color, will come back soon for new posts.

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