My preeeecccciiioussss

So today I put up these awesome string lights in my room. Now it’s uber cozy and awesome. Just thought I should let you know! So in the future, now some of you first years can see what a different type of double room looks like (they definitely didn’t advertise this type of room in all those online pages). I took this picture from my desk, and my roommate lives right past that bitchin’ map of Middle Earth. We pretty much have our own doorway, so the only reason it’s a double room is the fact that she has to walk through my room to get to hers, which really isn’t much of a bother.

But I’m pretty proud of this, and I hope everyone finds a little inspiration to decorate their rooms now! It definitely made my room feel more like home to me (even though my room at home is the complete opposite of this, it’s messy and I have too many bookshelves so I don’t have room for string lights but WHATEVER)

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