Soooo…. Finals…

Finals. UGH.

So I know many of you guys are working hard and studying hardcore every day for your finals. I will just let you know one thing – I am NOT.

I’ll give you a summary so maybe you’ll see where this post is coming from. I spent the last two weeks of November furiously finishing up papers that I had been putting off all semester. They were very mediocre papers, and truthfully, I didn’t really care. I was just glad to be done with them. Then came the weekend – I spent most of it doing fun things, like participating in the Polar Bear Swim off Wreck Beach, preparing for the Vanier Winter Formal, and just relaxing in bed and watching movies. All of a sudden, it was December and my first exam was only a day away! I quickly reviewed all of my readings, then wrote ASTU 150. It was alright, nothing to be too proud of, but I think I did okay.

Then came the dreaded break in the middle of exams. I felt free and I barely had any worries – I didn’t have another exam until Monday, and after that, my exams would be nice and easy! Of course, I forgot the fact that I had a composition due on the next Wednesday. It seemed so far away.

The weekend came, and I all of a sudden realized that I had to do a huge amount of work on the composition, and study for my theory exam, and prepare my tuba recording for my teacher, and study for the other 4 exams that were coming up within the week.

Me last weekend while trying to study for all my exams, practice tuba, and finish my composition. (AND HOW EXCITING IS IT THAT THE NEW SEASON OF SHERLOCK COMES OUT IN LIKE 3 WEEKS OMGGGGG)

So after that sad epiphany, I locked myself in my room with a lot of tea, lots of unhealthy foods from Chubbards, and I worked on my stuff. Now my composition is done, my theory exam is over, and I only have easy exams from this point on (or so I think). Somehow, I survived the exam lull and pulled myself out of procrastination central. So I am here to tell you people – DON’T DO THAT. I ¬†highly recommend actually studying and finishing all papers earlier than the night before they are due (I know, I know, easier said than done). But it will be worth it in the end, trust me!

(Also, on a sidenote, my friends wanted me to put it out there that they are single and ready to pringle. I feel like this accurately describes them.)

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