Midsummer nights and dreaming

Well well well! Somehow, the first two months of summer vacation have sped by without me even noticing. It’s been pretty busy back at home in St. Albert, what with refereeing soccer and working for the city. I usually spend my entire day working, then I just go straight to sleep afterwards. I have summer band practices once a week, and I usually have commitments with friends as well, but most of my time is spent working and wishing that I wasn’t working. At this point, I almost feel like it would be a relief to go back to school. Writing essays and doing theory homework seems¬†like nothing compared to the monotony of doing the same thing every day at work, which involves slaving under the hot sun and becoming like a tomato instead of tanning like regular human beings. However, I know that once I get back to school in the fall, I’ll be wishing for the hot summer days and the feeling of working outside and getting my hands dirty and making a visible difference.

I seem to be having mixed feelings about school and summer.

Tomorrow morning is when I’m supposed to register for my classes for next year. I’ve been creating a worklist for months, and still there are some courses that don’t quite fit in to my schedule.¬†For no apparent reason, the administrators of UBC Arts have made it quite impossible to take a film minor while enrolled in music. All of my required film courses coincide with required music courses, and now it’s just a matter of hoping I won’t have any lessons or studio classes scheduled when I have film classes. Registering for classes is quite a picky system, especially when every class you’re trying to take is only offered once a year and you need ALL OF THEM TO COMPLETE SECOND YEAR. And somehow, the SINGLE advisor for the music program is magically on holiday for the entire month of July. Right when every single student in the WHOLE PROGRAM is trying to register. Because, you know, it’s not like anyone runs into problems while registering!

I really hate registration.

But now everything is starting to feel real again. Registering for my courses will finally make this crazy dream of school feel real. Right now, going back to school feels like it’s ages away. It’s the beginning of July and I have the whole rest of the summer to go camping with friends, go on road trips, and watch absurd amounts of movies. Of course, once I start thinking about this, I start thinking about how I’ve already had two whole months to do those things, and that I’ve only really gone out with friends 3 or 4 times, went to my family cabin for a miserable week filled with rain and flooding, and binge watched the last few seasons of The Mentalist on my computer. I haven’t accomplished anything, and my summer is already halfway over.

That’s a depressing thought.

So right now I’m caught between two worlds; one is the world where I live at home and deal with my annoying little brothers and work all day erryday and watch movies and occasionally go out but mostly do nothing, and the other is the world where I’m back at school doing music-related homework and practicing all day erryday and having Saturday brunches with my best friends and doing a lot of complaining about crazy professors and theory homework. And right now, I want to be back in BC so much it hurts. But I know that, after a certain amount of time in BC, I’ll want to be back at home with my family and other friends.

It’s really quite confusing.

For now, though, I’ll try to enjoy the rest of the summer and not think about school too much, because I know I’ll regret it in the end.

Ta ta for now! See you in September!


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