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Hello dearest readers!

I hope this blog post finds you well. The first few weeks of school are always a trying time, and things don’t usually start winding down until about now. That’s why I’m writing this post! Like many of you, I came to the school completely lost and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my 4 years here. I didn’t go to Imagine Day (not by choice, as any of you who have been reading my other posts will know) and I walked through the club booths set up in the SUB like a zombie. When you come to a new school, it’s easy to get lost in range of opportunities available to you and end up getting overwhelmed and deciding not to pursue any of them. That, my friends, is why I have decided to make this handy helpful list for you! It’s a list of opportunities that are just so fantastic that you can’t say no to trying them just once (I know, I’m making them sound like drugs. I promise, they aren’t that bad for you, although they are quite addicting). So read this list, branch out, and try a few of my favourite extracurricular things at UBC!

1. UBC Thunderbirds Quidditch. Yeah, the quidditch team. I finally joined it a few weeks ago, and I’ve been having the time of my life in it. All of the people on the team are really accepting and fantastic, and it’s a great feeling to be surrounded by people who share the same nerdy love for Harry Potter as you do. They also trick you into exercising, but somehow make it FUN. How?? Hint: it involves tackling people, speeding down the field on broomsticks, and throwing dodgeballs at people. The club is still hosting open practices, so if you still want to join quidditch, you have until this Thursday (the 25th)! It’s only a $20 membership fee for the whole year, and it’s a great community to join. The link to their facebook page is here.

2. UBC Slam. Late last year (too late, in my opinion), I was introduced to UBC Slam by my lovely friend Heather, who runs it. UBC Slam is a fantastic club that hosts a poetry slam at Benny’s Bagels every fortnight (always on a Wednesday evening). This slam is open to everyone who wants to participate, and there’s an open mic part and a competitive part. Admission is absolutely free, and the poetry is stunning. I strongly advise every single one of you to go check it out sometime. The link to their facebook page is here.

3. UBC Film Society. I joined the Film Society a few weeks ago, and so far I haven’t done anything with it because I’ve been too lazy busy.When you join, though, you get a $1 discount at the Norm Theatre (so it’s $4 instead of $5, huge discount there) and you also have the ability to volunteer at the theatre! It goes by a sign-up basis, and you can work the concession, the ticket booth, or even the projector! You have the ability to learn the inner workings of a movie theatre, and all for free! Plus the popcorn is pretty good. The link to their facebook page is here.

4. UBC Band and Symphony Orchestra concerts. The music program at UBC is truly phenomenal, and all the students are required to perform in a large ensemble for their whole time at UBC. There are three of these ensembles: UBC Symphony Orchestra, UBC Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and UBC Concert Winds. All three of these ensembles have concerts a few times each year (Concert Winds and Symphonic Winds each have four, while the Symphony Orchestra has a buttload) and they’re absolutely free to attend! Maybe this is just blatant propaganda about how awesome the music program is here, but if you enjoy classical or contemporary band and orchestra music, come out to one of the concerts! The dates are listed here. Plus the concerts are all in the Chan Centre, and it’s not often that you have the opportunity to see a concert in such a wonderful hall for free!

So there you have it! A condensed list of my favourite things at UBC. And even if none of these tickle your fancy, I encourage each and every one of you to branch out and try a new club this year. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a place where you fit in perfectly!

they choose wrong

(PS this is a blatant lie heralded to you by a sassy and slightly terrifying Meryl Streep. Y’all choose whatever you want)

(PPS I have one last piece of advice – OWN YOUR NEW THANG!)

bad curtsy



Hello good people of the world.

I would like to inform you right now that you are indeed very special; you are the reason why I wake up in the morning, why I gag down the incredibly sketchy globs of “food” the caf serves me every morning, why I spend my days studying and reviewing, and why I tell myself that I can keep going.

Not actually. Y’all are pretty cool people, but frankly, I do all that stuff for ME. Yeah, ME. And that’s the point of this blog post. You should be doing all of this stuff for yourself. Not anyone else! Not your mother, your father, your grandparents, your siblings, your third cousin twice removed, no one! University is a pretty difficult time. You spend it working on homework, meeting new people, becoming incredibly stressed, forgetting learning things, and growing as a person. University is a time for pursuing your passions, branching out, and becoming the person you always wanted to be. And if you aren’t doing that for yourself, then why are you doing it?! Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t take other people’s opinions into account. You should definitely let them tell you their opinion. But you should be here to follow YOUR passion. Don’t take a math major because your parents loved calculus when they were younger; don’t be an english major because your dad is an author and wants you to follow in his footsteps. Do your own thang because really, this is YOUR life that you’re working towards. If you don’t enjoy what you’re learning (other than the mandatory math courses that some poor arts kids have to take, those don’t count) then stop learning it. Find a different passion and pursue it. Follow your heart and do what you want to do. After all, you’re paying enough money for it, so why not make it enjoyable?

There’s your helpful little piece of Megan advice there. And I know in my last blog post, I said that I probably wouldn’t blog until the end of finals season. And here I am, a week and a half later, blogging again. That is why, friends, the title of this post is called “Procrastination”. It is because I’m a slightly weak-minded individual who enjoys writing random stuff which will reach an unknown amount of readers (hopefully TONS of readers!) instead of studying for my film final, which I know will completely destroy me.

On the bright side, my gauntlet of finals is over! I had 4 finals and a tuba jury and a final paper and a website due all in the span of 5 days, and I freakin’ nailed it. Like so much. Like so much I nailed straight through the wood and into my foot which was right underneath the wood. Meaning I majorly screwed up a little bit. But only on one of my exams. And my tuba jury. In hindsight, the jury wasn’t a good thing to screw up, but it’s over and there’s no point dwelling on the past. Or crying about it.

So really, I only have 2 finals left! Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Double header. Double whammy. Double death. And after that? Well I head home! Which seems pretty unreal right now, since I get to have 4 whole months where I don’t have to think about anything remotely musical. Other than practicing of course.

The only way I’m getting through this finals period is by reassuring myself that each final down is a step closer to summer. And being with my family. And being able to cook my own food instead of eating the cafeteria gruel. And to finally play video games again. And to see all my friends. And that helps me get through these finals. These little reassurances help me remember why I’m here, and why I’m fighting to get to the end of these exams so I can remember how to be myself.

This post totally didn’t go where I meant for it to go. I was just going to complain a bit about finals and put in a gif of Jared Leto because HOLY JAYZUS THAT MAN IS AWESOME and I was going to brag a bit about how I met Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter for all you noobs) today and took an incredibly badass picture with him at Vancouver Fan Expo. So, to appease my inner self, I’ll post the Jared Leto gif. Now good luck to all you people doing their finals, and to all you new kids deciding about UBC (or if you’ve already accepted your offer) YOU ARE AWESOME AND UNIVERSITY DOES NOT DEFINE YOU BUT OURS IS THE BEST SO CONGRATS FOR GETTING THIS FAR.

Okay. I’m done now.

(these gifs were stolen from whatweshouldcallubc, and they’re pretty much the best. If you want incredible relatable UBC gifs, check out their tumblr page!)


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