Blogger’s Block?

1. Making EXTRA use of my season pass during Reading Break
2. Weekday night snowboarding is the BEST. So empty.
3. View from my room.
4. 18th floor Marine Drive
5. My cousin’s birthday cake, baked from scratch by one of her friends.
6. My baking skillz. Fail heart for Valentine’s Day.
7. Posh leftover for Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner
8. Opening of F21 in Richmond Centre

Hello world,

A friend of mine recently reminded me of my neglect to update my blog in the recent weeks. Truth is, I haven’t really been up to much. Reading break was Seattle and Boarding. (I miss the Olympics) But now that school is underway, my life consists of going to class and then going to Koerner. I figured a posts on “best study seats in Koerner” or “why Koerner should have longer hours” doesn’t really interest anyone. But after giving a bit more thought (and with the help of some awesome readers), a blitz of topics come to mind. Look forward in coming weeks for posts on: summer trips, snowboards, zipcar, volunteering in a lab, vancouver advisory panels, housing, Vancouver Sun Run, restaurant reviews.

That’s right, UBC Blog Squad, I am back!