Aerial View UBC Campus

There are over 30,000 students at UBC. So if you never get the chance to meet me, (ahem, which btw is a huge loss on your part…cough cough) then this page is a summation of all that I am.

Whew…no pressure or anything.

define: mel·a·nie ang – noun

1. Blogger behind My Take [subscribe]

2. Ex-CSPer (Coordinated Science Program 2009-2010)

3. Lived in Place Vanier’s Korea-UBC House 2009-2010

4. Born in Singapore

5. Then moved to Red Deer, Alberta (& contrary to popular belief, there are no red deers in Red Deer)

6. IB survivor

7. Shad Valley McMaster ‘08 alumnus (best time of my life)

8. Avid runner & swimmer (EPIC fail after first term)

9. Mind-numbingly horrible singer (This one I know for a fact!)

10. Aspires to be a doctor

11. 2nd year Integrated Sciences major in Kinesiology, Physiology and Psychology

12. Resident at Marine 2010-2011

Want to know more or just want to chat? Questions, comments, suggestions, anything? I promise I don’t bite.

Email me at or facebook me or leave me a tweet (or whatever other forms of communication you can think of, my personal favourite: smoke signal).