Many employees dread the thought of waking up for work on monday mornings, Kevin Werbach and Dan Hunter, authors of “For the Win“, are trying to change that. It’s not hard to draw parallels between the repetitive tasks of work and the tasks a mindless assembly line or programer may have to do. Some companies have even started adding rewards such as badges and “level ups” to their workplace to provide motivators for their employees. However, some employers have found these rewards may be effective in increasing motivation, but the same is not true for efficiency. Microsoft tried implementing a similar strategy when doing translation editing for their latest software, but intern entire offices would shut down and solely focus on the one task, rather than focusing on maximizing the office’s efficiency. Gaming in the workplace is an intriguing concept with great managerial potential, the issue will be trying to balance efficenty with motivation, as well as avoiding isolation of those who don’t work well in such an environment. This concept will most likely become more prominent in offices as time progresses.


Schumpeter 10/11/12, “More than just a game”.