Is that a podcast or a desperate teaching moment?

I’m in the middle of teaching this term and as a consequence… my ability to keep up with my weblog, spotty at best… is really challenged.

But I really had to share this one…

Not to jump on the ole podcasting bandwagon (if any technology is a candidate for the “peak of inflated expectations… *grin*)….

But I found a good thing out of a semi-desperate teaching moment. For my (fully online) earth and ocean sciences course, I ask students to go on a field trip (and report on it as well). They are free to do their own, or join in on one of the two that I run to Stanley Park. One of my students was unable to make either of the trips, so he asked about background info… and tips. I was going to write out some brief notes, but then I thought – hey, Cyprien and Brian and…. Well, just about everyone I know have been singing podcast praises so why not?

I asked the student if he had an MP3 player (he did)… so I sat in my living room and recorded a series of short clips that cover different stops along the way.

I’ve linked the first in the series meant to be listened to before one goes on the trip, in case you are up for hearing a rather dull podcast… .

It was actually pretty fun. We’ll see how useful it is to the student… I do know that he was able to download them and can hear them so that’s a start!

I go on the real field trip this weekend, so I am going to try and record some “real” audio this weekend. Hopefully get some student input into this as well.

I see a whole new world opening up… One of my students is in England and the other is in Hong Kong. If I can convince some of my colleagues to do something like this in their areas… we may end up with a field trip audio swap. Wouldn’t that ROCK? Hmmm… a geo-napster? How fun!

Actually, the better step would be to make a change to the assignment so that students can audio record their trips… gotta think about that.

Can’t wait to hear whether or not the files are useful to the student!

We now return to our previous program…

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