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Google Earth & Group Projects

Not sure why I posted a question on a Google Earth Community without posting on my own blog? Love to have some ideas on this question… I’m trying to understand how I might put together a group activity that allows … Continue reading

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Closing the Gap

I really enjoy the “For Better or For Worse” cartoon series. They have been running a series of comics recently which show how young people are communicating with one another. Today’s cartoon was priceless, I thought, and relates strongly to … Continue reading

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Library of Congress on Flickr

I was doing some casual Sunday cruising of Flickr and discovered the Library of Congress photostream on Flickr! They have shots from the early 1900’s through the 40’s. All the ones I saw had no copyright restrictions on them… Its … Continue reading

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Muddling about in the PLE space

In the ever-expanding search for ways to visualize the “new” PLE environment, I ran across Scott Wilson’s latest visual (posted back in Nov 2007). I have to noodle on this a lot more, but it sure points out the “murky … Continue reading

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Far too long….

Its been far to long since I visited my own weblog and got comfortable again here… Time to (re)start! Michelle

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Creative Commons +

Will Kraft, “Creative Commons Introduces CC+ License,” Campus Technology, 1/3/2008, Will Kraft reports on the ins and outs of a modified Creative Commons licensing option that enables copyright owners to release their work for free for non-commercial, but charge … Continue reading

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50 2.0 Ways — Nice!

Emerging from a long, couple of seasons sleep… I was looking over my RSS feeds and noticed Alan Levine’s “50 Web 2.0 Ways to tell a Story”. That Alan! Always doing amazing stuff! He describes the inspiration & history behind … Continue reading

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PollMappr – Intriguing tool

I saw a reference to “PollMappr*” on the Google Earth Blog (who saw it on the Free Geography Tools blog). What an intriguing little piece of software! The software allows you to set up a poll then track where the … Continue reading

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Geo Lesson Tip?

As I perused my bloglines this morning, as usual, I look at the earthquakes feed first (the USGS makes a variety of feeds available at As usual, there are names of places I have never seen before. I never … Continue reading

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Why use a VPN

One of the points we covered in the podcast interview with Sally Taylor was the importance of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection. I’m not sure, but I suspect that the importance of this type of connection is not well … Continue reading

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