Mary Lynn Young, (Primary supervisor) Director School of Journalism for standing by me in my highs and lows. This project would not have been possible without your support

Eric Ulken, for his maintaining his ever pleasant demeanor and providing a ” fresh pair of eyes” in putting this project together

Peter W. Klein and Trisha Sorrells Doyle for encouraging me in many ways

Lhea Audia for limitless encouragement and supporting my whacky ambitions

Minelle Mahtani for endless guidance on all the scholarly issues I got “mixed” with

Dan McKinney for providing technical advise and guidance

Cinnamon and Galib Bhayani for being the main characters for my thesis

Richard Stretch and Nirmala Jayaraj for sharing their life experiences

Miranda and Reilly Lievers at Blue Olive Photography

Matthew Kennedy at Matt Kennedy Photography

Angela Girard at Reflection Events

All my friends for keeping me rooted to this adventurous and difficult path of discovery

To chocolate for being my constant companion

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