The Mobile Methods for Researching Bodies in Motion Seminar Series is funded by a grant from the Faculty of Education‘s Haagenson Fund. This fund supports digital infrastructure for use in teaching and research.

The purpose of the seminar series is to host discussions about how qualitative researchers in the fields of the sociology of sport and physical cultural studies are using digital (and specifically mobile) technologies to carry out research. Throughout the series, we will invite international scholars to share their experiences of researching in this area. We will are interested in the practicalities of the work (tools employed, lessons learned, etc.) and also the theoretical underpinnings (ie. what does it mean to research bodies in disembodied online spaces?).

We have also received funding to purchase digital equipment for use by students and faculty members. During the seminar series we will be exploring how various tools, devices and platforms have been or could be used to carry out innovative qualitative research. This will include cameras (action, drones, 360 degrees, time lapse), apps (health promotion, mobile survey, health diaries), and fitness trackers (GPS, activity trackers). Once the seminars are completed, we will host a meeting with students and faculty members from UBC to discuss what devices or platforms we will purchase. The intent is to buy equipment that will allow our students and colleagues to carry out innovative, cutting edge digital qualitative research.

To find out more about the seminar series, please contact Dr. Andrea Bundon or Professor Brian Wilson.