Seminar #2 – Video Ethnography

(Re)framing the Body: Video Ethnography, Critical Inquiry and Bodies in Motion

When: 10-11:30 am February 27th, 2017

In this seminar, Dr. Clifton Evers, Dr. Michael Atkinson, and Yosuke Washiya explored and discussed the use of video cameras and video technologies in ethnographic research.

In the video below, Dr. Atkinson discusses where video ‘fits’ within the traditions of ethnography and ethnographic research. He asks, is video ethnography a true departure or rather an evolution in methodological approaches? [Read Atkinson’s latest chapter on Ethnography in the Routledge Handbook of Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise ]

Dr. Evers talked about undertaking a ‘wet ethnography’ and the challenges, shortcomings, opportunities, and ethical issues of this approach. [Read a chapter by Evers entitled Researching action sport with a GoPro™ camera.]

Yosuke Washiya suggested that in this “Gutenberg Galaxy”, we are receiving academic outcomes in universal, reproducible, articulated formats, giving the appearance of expanding the gap between field experiences and academic products. This gap, he suggests, is dependent on the separation of field and representation, or data collection and analysis, and is interrupted by film-base d inquiry. Here, he explores the line between field and academic products. [Read a forthcoming chapter by Washiya entitled
Washiya- Shaky footage (author’s version)

And don’t forget the question and answer period! Thank you everyone for joining us in conversation.

Speaker Bios

Clifton Evers is a lecturer in gender and cultural studies at Newcastle University, UK. His research explores gender (particularly masculinity) and media, and he has an interest in critically examining action sports (e.g. surfing). Clifton has conducted research for government departments, elite sporting organizations, community groups, media outlets, and private industry. He is an editor of the Journal of Sport & Social Issues and the International Journal of Cultural Studies. He is currently researching in the surf industrial complex, as well as thinking about the interfacing of digital media and action sport.

Yosuke Washiya is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, Department of Exercise Sciences. Yosuke is currently working on film based inquiry of people learning judo in multiple environments, including multilingual communication, multi-lingual historical practice, and improvisation without vision and sound.

Michael Atkinson is a Professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education at the University of Toronto and has been an active member of the international sociology community since the mid-1990s, publishing in a range of international journals. His ethnographic research efforts have included studies of ticket scalpers, tattoo enthusiasts, fell runners, cosmetic surgery patients, Ashtanga yoga practitioners, Straightedge and Parkour youth cultures, and triathletes. His current research interests include: suffering, physical cultural studies, bioethics, biopedagogies, youth masculinities, health and sexualities, animals and society, and qualitative research methodologies.