Two New Publications – Embodiment in Education and Families without Schools

I’ve published two new articles of note recently. The first is the Keynote Address that I gave last year (2017) at the International Standing Conference on the History of Education (ISCHE)  in Chicago.  Entitled “Metaphor, materiality, and method: the central role of embodiment in the history of education,” the paper can be found in Paedagogica Historica at DOI: 10.1080/00309230.2017.1355328.

My latest research project focusing on British Columbia’s Elementary Correspondence School (ECS) has also been published. This paper relies heavily on an amazing collection of archival letters between the ECS and British Columbian families – parents and children – and can be found at Mona Gleason, “Families Without Schools: Rurality, Correspondence Education, and the Promise of Schooling in Interwar Western Canada.” History of Education Quarterly 57: 3 (August 2017): 305-330.

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