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Ganbaatar Voters in 2nd Round

By Julian Dierkes Ganbaatar received roughly 30% of the votes in the June 26 presidential election. One of the big questions about the July 7 2nd Round of voting is thus whom those Ganbaatar voters will support. Enkhbayar Negotiations To … Continue reading

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Observations during Presidential Polling

By Julian Dierkes From the perspective of a repeat election observer (this was my fifth national election for which I served as an international observer), the reporting about the election is always somewhat challenging. On the one hand, I gain … Continue reading

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Gobi Success for Ganbaatar

By Julian Dierkes The electoral map from Monday’s results holds a number of surprises. One of the more puzzling ones is Ganbaatar’s strong results across the Gobi region. Umnugovi For example, in Umnugovi fully 43% of voters supported Ganbaatar on … Continue reading

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Presidential Elections: 3 Things Happened

By Julian Dierkes The results of the June 26 presidential election has come as a big surprise. I did not expect Battulga to win and certainly did not expect Enkhbold to struggle to finish 2nd. Lots of questions to think … Continue reading

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Presidential Debate or FAQ?

By Mendee The presidential campaign closed with a two-hour debate on June 24.  Under the agreement between the DP, MPP, and MPRP for the debate, candidates were basically provided opportunities to express their views on frequently rumoured allegations during the … Continue reading

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Reflection on Campaign & Outlook [Video]

By Julian Dierkes If you’re tired of all our blog post or of my convoluted prose, here’s a 2-minute wrap-up of the presidential campaign and a little bit of an outlook.

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More Feeling in DP Campaign

By Julian Dierkes After earlier reports on Ganbaatar events and today’s impressions from a final Enkbold event, I just saw the Battulga rally on Sukhbaatar Square a little while ago. A couple of days ago, I had written an article … Continue reading

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MPP Campaign Feeling – Or Not

By Julian Dierkes Thanks to an invitation organized by some long-time friends, I was able to attend M Enkhbold’s speech to party faithful that seems to have been one of the last events of the campaign for the MPP. Always … Continue reading

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MPRP Campaign not Feeling like a Protest Movement

By Julian Dierkes Note: I wrote this post on June 21 and was in the countryside without WiFi. Since then, more “revelations” about the illegal donation Ganbaatar is alleged to have accepted, have come out. That information is not reflected in … Continue reading

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Choosing Balance

By Julian Dierkes At first glance (including my initial thoughts some weeks ago), it would seem that last year’s MPP triumph in the parliamentary election should make M Enkhbold, the MPP’s candidate, the clear favourite in this year’s presidential election. … Continue reading

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The Diplomat Articles on Presidential Election

By Julian Dierkes and Mendee We’ve written two posts in The Diplomat that looked at different aspects of the presidential election: Julian Dierkes “The Race for Mongolia’s Presidency Begins“, June 6 Julian Dierkes and Mendee J “Election 2017: Making Mongolia … Continue reading

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Allegations Against All Candidates

By Julian Dierkes One of the recurring challenges in trying to keep up with political developments in Mongolia is the extent to which these developments seem to be driven by rumours and accusations. That is especially the case during an … Continue reading

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Post-Election Timelines

By Julian Dierkes There seems to be a strong possibility that none of the three candidates will achieve a majority of votes in the first round. Elsewhere I’ve written more about specifics regarding blank ballots, etc. Second Round What’s the … Continue reading

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The Likelihood of Constitutional Reform

By Julian Dierkes The likelihood of constitutional reform in Mongolia is primarily determined by party politics at the moment. Discussions of the constitution have been active in recent years. I have written about the extent to which the campaign platforms … Continue reading

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Blank Ballots as Protest

By Julian Dierkes There does seem to be a significant level of frustration among Mongolian voters about the choices presented to them in this election. With allegations about very serious misconduct (if tape recording of Enkhbold discussing price list for … Continue reading

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