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Getting it right: Preventing Conflicts in Company-Community Relations

By BYAMBAJAV Dalaibuyan Conflict with host communities is a major business risk for mining companies in Mongolia. Though we can cite many specific issues causing local opposition to minerals exploration and mining projects, recent research suggests they all can be … Continue reading

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Closed Mines as Sites of Learning and Engagement in Japan

By Byambajav Dalaibuyan Introduction* Japan is well known for its lack of mineral resources. However, interestingly, the Japanese domestic mining industry played a crucial role in the nation’s industrialization and modernization in the 19th and the first half of the … Continue reading

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Local Level Agreements in Mongolia: A Need for Government Leadership and Policy Clarity

By Byambajav D Before any mineral exploration and mining can take place in Mongolia, the country’s 2006 Minerals Law requires that the host local government and license holders sign a “local level agreement” (LLA). LLAs typically include commitments and obligations … Continue reading

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The story of the discovery of Oyu Tolgoi

By BYAMBAJAV Dalaibuyan Introduction “Friedland came out his helicopter. He had a red jumper and running shoes on. He kissed the land and run straight to the Oyu Tolgoi discovery site.” A local elder told me this story. The date … Continue reading

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Review of “Mongolia`s State Policy on the Minerals Sector (2013-2024)”

“State Policy on the Minerals Sector (2013-2024),” a document defining the policy framework for the Mongolian minerals sector in the next decade is expected to be discussed at the upcoming autumn session of the State Great Khural. President Elbegdorj decided … Continue reading

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Introducing ‘Mongolia Research Hub’ at the University of Queensland

Today, more than ever before, research and informed discussion is required to successfully negotiate Mongolia’s rapid development in the face of interrelated political, economic, social and environmental challenges. The Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) part of the University … Continue reading

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A Network Approach to NGO Development: Women’s NGOs in Mongolia

This article presents results of a social network survey of women’s NGOs in Mongolia, which was conducted during the spring of 2010. The main objective of the survey was to understand the structural properties of collaborative interactions among women’s NGOs. … Continue reading

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Christianity in Mongolia since 1990

Like mining, we witness a religious boom in Mongolia. Like many post-socialist countries where religion experienced state repression, Mongolia has seen the revival and diversity of religion since 1990. The expansion of Buddhism and Shamanism, Mongolian “traditional” religions, has been … Continue reading

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Mongolie : « démocratisation libérale » et luttes pour la justice sociale

My article titled Democratization and the Struggles for Social Justice in Mongolia was translated and published in the “The State of Resistance in the South”: An annual critical overview of social movements in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The volume … Continue reading

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2012 Local Election Final Results

The Mongolian General Election Commission has announced the final results of the Nov 2012 local elections. Continue reading

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2012 local elections: pre-election observation and analysis

Outlook on local elections in Mongolia scheduled for November 21, 2012. Continue reading

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New book: Mapping Mongolia – Situating Mongolia in the World from Geologic Time to the Present

Paula Sabloff has edited a book examining Mongolia’s place in the world. Continue reading

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Speculation on a New Government and Factions in the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party (DP) has decided to negotiate with the MPRP-MNDP’s “Justice” coalition on forming a coalition government. However, according to its latest statements, the DP received proposals from the CWGP and independent MPs to join the coalition government. Such … Continue reading

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Democratic Party wins big in Ulaanbaatar City Council Election

Results of the Ulaanbaatar city council election. Continue reading

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Low Voter Turnout

The 2012 Ikh Khural Election saw the lowest rate of voter turnout in years: 65.24%. Voter Turnout in Ikh Khural Elections since 1992 1992 — 95.6% 1996 — 92.1% 2000 — 82.4% 2004 — 80.6% 2008 — 76.5% 2012 — … Continue reading

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