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FDI to Mongolia: Restrictions, China, and Comparisons with Canada

Are there similarities between Foreign Investment Laws in Canada and Mongolia and what lessons does the Mongolian experience hold? Continue reading

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Corruption in Mongolia according to Transparency International

Corruption is one of the most prominent features cited in any overview of Mongolian politics, political risk, human development or investment potential. Yet, any hard evidence on the prevalence, extent and mechanisms of corruption are very hard to come by. … Continue reading

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Foreign Investment Considerations in Canada Resemble Mongolian Law

Talk of a two-track investment review distinguishing state-owned from private investors in Canada mirrors provisions in May 2012 Mongolian foreign investment law. Continue reading

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Why Mongolia’s China Mining Strategy is NOT a Mistake!

Mendee J replies to recent WSJ blog post regarding Mongolia’s strategy vis-a-vis Chinese investments. Continue reading

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