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The Diplomat Podcast on Mongolia as Asia’s Hidden Geopolitical Player

By Julian Dierkes I’m finally getting around to listening to The Diplomat’s podcast episode focused on Mongolia, “Northeast Asia’s Hidden Geopolitical Player“. Ankit Panda, one of the editors of The Diplomat, speaks to Peter Bittner who spent some time in … Continue reading

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Future of the DP?

By Julian Dierkes A crushing defeat like the one that the DP suffered on June 29 should lead to some party-soul searching. More than two months after the election, I can only imagine that questions about the future of the … Continue reading

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Did (Any of) My Saikhanbileg Wishes Come True?

By Julian Dierkes In December 2014 when the first Saikhanbileg cabinet had been formed, I wrote a personal wishlist of actions I was hoping that cabinet might take. J Erdenebat was the finance minister in that cabinet. All the more … Continue reading

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Small, Unanticipated Impacts

By Julian Dierkes [With some notes from CIRDI program manager, Marie-Luise Ermisch, PhD] One of the challenges on attempting to apply my understanding of contemporary Mongolia through development interventions has been that it is forcing me to learn a number … Continue reading

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Guest Post: ICF Workshop – Private Sector Perspective

Guest Post: The Less State in mining, the better the state of mining By Aligermaa B Does the state, responsible for national welfare, have any business getting actively involved in a business, even in one related to essential services or … Continue reading

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Institutionalized Role for State in Emerging Resource Economies

By Julian Dierkes The workshop on “The State’s Role in Large Resource Projects” CIRDI recently co-organized with the International Cooperation Fund of the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was designed as an opportunity for Mongolians to share their experience in … Continue reading

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ICF Workshop “State’s Role in Large Resource Projects”

Co-organized and co-hosted by International Cooperation Fund Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government of Mongolia Canadian International Resources and Development Institute Int’l Cooperation Fund(ICF) & @CIIEID_ICIIED co-organize workshop on “The State’s Role in Large Resource Projects”. — MFA Mongolia (@MFA_Mongolia) … Continue reading

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How popular is Russian in Mongolia 26 Years After the Fall of the Soviet Union?

By Bulgan B The May 9th Victory Day has revived the Mongolian love for Russia once again. Mongolians were watching the Victory Day parade and Mongolian social media was trending on any story which relates to the Great Victory. Wreaths … Continue reading

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Digital Diplomacy tied to ASEM

By Julian Dierkes Some weeks ago I wrote about the potential for a Mongolian digital diplomacy. That post generated a lot of interest (over 500 readers in less than 2 months). The tweet about this post was my most-viewed tweet … Continue reading

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The Many Habits of Successful Mongolian Digital Diplomats

I wrote “The Way Forward for Canadian Digital Diplomacy” for Canada’s The Embassy on November 18, 2015. I followed this up with a list of more specific about steps that Global Affairs Canada might take in developing Twiplomacy if this direction … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Constitutional Reform

I am not a constitutional scholar. My observations on the constitutional reform proposals that are being considered by the Mongolian parliament are thus based on my understanding of Mongolian politics on the one hand, and my experience of living as an … Continue reading

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Permanent Neutrality

At the UN General Assembly, on Sept 29 2015, Pres. Ts Elbegdorj included a very brief statement in his address that, Mongolia has pursued an peaceful, open, multi-pillar foreign policy. This stance enabled us to declare Mongolia in a state … Continue reading

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Graduates of Archery 100 in Mongolia

Presenting graduates of the Archery 100 course in Mongolia Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in 2009 (source link) Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2014 (source link) Finnish President Tarja Halonen in 2011 (source link) The US Vice President Joe Biden in 2011 … Continue reading

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Modigolia? Indian-Mongolian Relations post-PM Modi’s Trip to Ulaanbaatar

In the wake of Indian PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Ulaanbaatar should we expect a radical revamping of Indian-Mongolian relations? Certainly, you don’t send in the big dogs unless you mean business, right? The Visit Modi visited Mongolia on the … Continue reading

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Outlook: Freedom Online Coalition Conference in Ulaanbaatar

[For my impressions from the Conference, see] Next week (May 4-5) the Mongolian government hosts the annual conference of the Freedom Online Coalition, a club of 26 countries dedicated to the promotion of, er, freedom online. This is yet another … Continue reading

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