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The Contested Politics of the Presidential Veto

In August,  parliament (State Ikh Khural) passed two separate amnesty bills: the first provides a one-time amnesty for all unregistered wealth from  criminal investigations and taxation. The other applies to first-time offenders, minors, women with small children and people who haven’t … Continue reading

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Policy Series: Are There Better Solutions? (IV)

There are many possible ways to improve the quality of the policy-making institutions and process to improve mining policies and reduce failed policies. In fact, all politicians are well aware of these possible solutions, but they lack political will and … Continue reading

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Outlook: Freedom Online Coalition Conference in Ulaanbaatar

[For my impressions from the Conference, see] Next week (May 4-5) the Mongolian government hosts the annual conference of the Freedom Online Coalition, a club of 26 countries dedicated to the promotion of, er, freedom online. This is yet another … Continue reading

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Does Presidential Pardon Bring End to Enkhbayar Saga?

Mongolian President Ts Elbegdorj was narrowly re-elected to a second term in the June 26 presidential election. He is embarking on this second and final term with expectations of personnel continuity and policy stability. He is setting out on this … Continue reading

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Presidential Election as Test of DP Dominance

The upcoming presidential election will be the first occasion for the DP’s claims to stand for clean government to be tested in an election campaign since the party’s predecessor dominated the 1996-2000 parliament. This will be the first election that … Continue reading

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The Mongolian Presidency

As three parties in the Ikh Khural have now nominated candidates for the presidential election to be held on June 26 (DP: Ts Elbegdorj; MPP: B Bat-Erdene; MPRP: N Udval), it might be useful to review the role of the … Continue reading

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Major Revision of Mongolian Mining Regulations Is Underway

The first public debate on the proposed revisions of Mongolia’s mining regulations was conducted at the Citizen’s Hall of the Mongolian government on January 18, 2013. Although the revisions are long overdue, legislators appear to be in agreement that more … Continue reading

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Book: Change in Democratic Mongolia – Social Relations, Health, Mobile Pastoralism, and Mining

A new edited volume of social science research on contemporary Mongolia. Continue reading

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Asia Pacific Memo 161: Bumpy Roads, but Heading in the Right Direction

Mendee Jargalsaikhan and Julian Dierkes present the glass-half-full view of the upcoming parliamentary election for Mongolian democracy. Continue reading

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Mongolia seems succeeding to create the legal environment to tame the corruption by institutionalizing its efforts.  But, these laws and any agencies will be powerless in the absence of political will and interest to clean up the Mongolian public service … Continue reading

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New Electoral Law Passed by Ikh Khural

Electoral law in Mongolia revised to vault the country to world leadership in the sweepstakes for the most complicated electoral system. Continue reading

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Visiting PhD Student at UBC: Sodnom DOLJIN

Visiting scholar from Mongolia (via South Korea) to spend a year at UBC. Continue reading

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Resources Available to Mongolian MPs

What resources do Mongolian MPs have in carrying out their parliamentary duties. Continue reading

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The Legislative Process in Mongolia

How does the Ikh Khural pass laws? Continue reading

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