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Risking Foreign Relations out of (Partisan) Pettiness

By Julian Dierkes November is shaping up to be a very busy month of diplomacy across Asia, at least from a North American perspective. It is an odd time for the Mongolian president to seemingly hold some of Mongolia’s most … Continue reading

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State of Digital Diplomacy in Mongolia Missions

By Julian Dierkes With the appointment of Z Enkbold as chief of staff and Ts Sukhbaatar as foreign policy advisor, Pres. Battulga’s foreign policy team is coming together. Foreign policy, of course, is one of the areas of policy-making that … Continue reading

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The Diplomat Podcast on Mongolia as Asia’s Hidden Geopolitical Player

By Julian Dierkes I’m finally getting around to listening to The Diplomat’s podcast episode focused on Mongolia, “Northeast Asia’s Hidden Geopolitical Player“. Ankit Panda, one of the editors of The Diplomat, speaks to Peter Bittner who spent some time in … Continue reading

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Potential Northeast Asian Economic Corridors: Differing Chinese and Russian Priorities

Sitting at a strategic crossroads between Europe and East Asia, Mongolia and North Korea are potential economic corridors for the wider Eurasian landmass. However, the realization of such corridors depends in large part on Chinese and Russian policy priorities, since … Continue reading

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Foreign Policy Roundup #4: July 28-August 4, 2013

The Foreign Policy Roundup returns, after a 2 month hiatus! As a reminder, in these bi-weekly posts I provide a brief summary of Mongolia’s international affairs developments over the past two weeks. (Most of the stories are from Mongolian-language sources, … Continue reading

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Odd Numbers of Arrows: The Abe-Udval Connection

When I looked at Udval’s campaign website for the first time, the photo of her holding a bundle of arrows jumped out at me immediately. Yes, she’s wearing a beautiful light-blue deel, but it’s the arrows that caught my attention. … Continue reading

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How do Japanese view Mongolia?

An interesting article written by Kunio Minato (JGSS Research Center).  JGSS-2006 から見た日本におけるモンゴル国の好感度 -東アジア各国・地域との比較検討- (日本版総合的社会調査共同研究拠点 研究論文集[9] JGSS Research Series No.6) Abstract Favorability of Mongolia in Japan Seen From JGSS-2006: Comparison With East Asian Countries/Region Relationship between Japan and Mongolia has been … Continue reading

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