Research and Publications


I write and teach in the following areas:  post-1945 British literature, with emphasis on the Thatcher years; print culture, with my focus at the moment being on the status and function of screenplays as print texts; and the life and work of Malcolm Lowry.




  • Visual Texts: The Screenplay in Print Culture. Forthcoming from Manchester University Press.
  • Malcolm Lowry’s Poetics of Space. Ed. and Introduction by Richard J. Lane and Miguel Mota. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2016.
  • The 1940 Under the Volcano: A Critical Edition. By Malcolm Lowry. Ed. and Introduction by Miguel Mota and Paul Tiessen. Explanatory Notes by Chris Ackerley and David Large. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2015. General Editor: Miguel Mota.
  • In Ballast to the White Sea: A Critical Edition. By Malcolm Lowry. Ed. Patrick A. McCarthy. Annotations by Chris Ackerley. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2014. General Editor: Miguel Mota
  • Swinging the Maelstrom: A Critical Edition. By Malcolm Lowry. Ed. Vik Doyen. Introduction by Vik Doyen and Miguel Mota. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2013. Explanatory Notes by Chris Ackerley. General Editor: Miguel Mota
  • The Cinema of Malcolm Lowry:  A Scholarly Edition of Lowry’s Tender Is the Night. Vancouver:  UBC Press, 1992.  Ed. and Introduction by Miguel Mota and Paul Tiessen.
  • The Road to Victory: Radio Plays of Gerald Noxon. Kingston, Toronto: Quarry Press/University of Toronto Press, 1989.  With P. Tiessen.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters:

  • “Malcolm Lowry’s ‘Lost’ Novel: From Paris Stories to Canadian Ashes to Archival Return.” In Translocated Modernisms. Ed. Marta Dvorak, Dean Irvine and Emily Ballantyne. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press. With P. Tiessen. Forthcoming, 2016.
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  • “‘It looked perfect to my purpose’: William Carlos Williams’ Contact with the Spanish.” Journal of Modern Literature 18.4 (1995): 447-459.

Other Works:

  • After Lowry. Film documentary on DVD. Writer and Director. 2010.
  • Doing the Malcolm Lowry Walk. Soundscape Installation. Cates Park, Dollarton, North Vancouver. July, 2009.