Composition 10 – Sept 20 & 21

Today we finished watching “Batman Begins”. We continued to look for themes and quotes in the movie.

I handed back the Theme Paragraph Outline for “The Michelle I Know” as well as the quote sheets from Batman Begins that I collected last class.

We also began work on a second theme paragraph outline for a theme in Batman Begins (can be any theme). We will continue to work on this on Monday & prepare for the in-class paragraph.

Two Assessments coming up on Monday/Tuesday:

  1. Reading Log check
  2. In-class paragraph on theme. This paragraph can be about any theme in either “The Michell I Know” or “Batman Begins.”

*** I will have Chromebooks for the class in order to do the paragraph, but feel free to bring your own computer if you prefer.***

Absent students:

Come get your marked work from me when you’re back, and start working on a theme paragraph outline for Batman Begins: Composition 10 – Theme Paragraph Outline

Religion 10

We read & discussed an article on Pascal’s Wager.  Questions are due next class. They can be typed or handwritten on the sheet I provided.

Absent students should see me as soon as they are back to get a copy of the article and questions.


Composition 10 – D Block – Sept 10

Today we did silent reading for the first time.

We also discussed the questions for the short story “The Michelle I know” found in Crossroads 10. 

For homework, think deeply about how heroism is portrayed in this story and complete this sentence:

In “The Michelle I know,” heroism is portrayed as_________________________________________________________.

Composition 10 – Sept 6th & 7th

D, E, and H blocks:

Today we did a student survey & writing activity. Absent students should download the survey and complete it for Monday/Tuesday. See me after class to set up a time to do the writing activity.

Composition 10 – Student Survey – Thorpe

We also discussed what it means to be a hero and took notes from the whiteboard. Absent students should print off the attached picture of the whiteboard to have as notes. Don’t worry about the text on the sticky notes.

Block D only:

Lastly, we read the short story “The Michelle I Know” from the Crossroads 10 text.  Absent students should download the worksheet and get this textbook from me in order to complete this assignment.

The worksheet can me downloaded here: The Michelle I Know Worksheet