Coca Cola’s Marketing Strategy

Coca Cola is no doubt the leading brand in the pop industry. It is either getting a Coke or a Pepsi. It has been that way and it feels like it will always be that way.

For years, Coca Cola’s advertisements have always been simple and to the point. As a response to Ashley’s blog post, Coca Cola’s marketing strategy of “sharing a Coke” by letting consumers customise Coca Cola bottles with their name is indeed a genius strategy. Not only that Coca Cola has created a personal connection with their consumers concerning their names, but they have also step up the game and created a point of difference which lets them have an advantage in the market.

Being able to customise attracts consumers as well as they become interested in buying the product. The day before the UBC Thunderbirds had their homecoming game, a Coca Cola truck came and parked in campus. There was a really long line in front of the truck, and so I tried lining up to see what’s going on. Turns out, they were giving out free Coca Cola cans where customers are able to print their name on.

Not only UBC students, but this has attracted other consumers as well as Coca Cola had an increase in sales. I do believe that customisation is able to increase a company’s revenue, but I do found it surprising how Coca Cola is able to do this through pop bottles, which is something that is not common in the market. I believe that Coca Cola is able to sustain its brand name and its marketing strategy of allowing consumers to customise their pop bottles.

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