Working Conditions & Business Ethics

It could not be more obvious that employees of a business should behave ethically. An example of business ethics would be feminism. Sometimes women are treated unfairly than that of men, or women are giving special advantages just because of their gender. Having gender unequality causes an uncomfortable workplace environment, which may lead to long-term consequences of losing employees, unproductivity and the business itself having a bad image towards its shareholders. Not only through gender, but if workers are not being treated well (i.e. not giving pensions, low wages) it causes an unsafe environment inside the firm, such as the mistreatment of workers making Apple products in China. Some workers are abused and are given low wages. Workers being abused in Nike’s factory in Indonesia back in 2006 has also become a national issue where workers should be treated equally. Creating minimum wages, security, and giving health insurance to employees are a few actions that a business can do to be considered as being ethical. However, these actions may increase costs. These increase in costs may lead to a business increasing the price of its product, which may lead to inflationary pressures. On the other hand, these actions may increase productivity within the business (because the employees are treated the way they should be) and may create a good reputation within the consumers.


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