The strength, size and level of student engagement in the UBC Chapter of Net Impact at the Sauder School of Business set Sauder MBAs apart from the competition. This club offers graduate students who are passionate about social and environmental sustainability a chance to connect and learn with each other and the community. Send us an email at ubcnetimpact@gmail.com


The Net Impact mission is to make a positive impact on society by growing and strengthening a community of new leaders who use business to improve the world. The club brings together like-minded individuals in lively discussions around sustainability, curriculum development, planning and hosting the annual UBC Net Impact Conference, and promoting opportunities to learn and volunteer in the community.


This student-run conference is in its 10th year in 2012. Each year the event has a different theme to promote current issues in sustainable business. The event includes guest speakers, interactive workshops, engaging panel discussions and numerous networking opportunities, and various regional and national companies have the opportunity to showcase how they have incorporated sustainable practices into their business strategy. For more information, visit www.ubcnetimpact.org.

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