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gimmie wiki!

Enej Bajgorić created the plugin for republishing MediaWiki (or any HTML) pages within WP.

For those who liked the idea, here are some good news: we are continuing development of this plugin for our culturepedia project.

Here is the functionality in the nutshell;

  • seamlessly integrate wiki pages, categories or searches into WP blogs.
  • works as both shortcode (more here and here) and widget.
  • content can be constantly refreshed (as wiki pages changes) or one-time brought in.
  • the wiki content will be searchable by google (not the case with WikiInc).
  • the wiki pages could be further shared by using embed functionality.

For example, if I want to publish all the pages from ubc wiki that are stored in both culturepedia AND idioms category, I should shortcode something like this:

[gimmiewiki -category URL: category:culturepedia,idioms refresh:yes popups:yes|embed|link]

Or if we end up developing a visual component, it could look like this:

Will get back with more!


2 thoughts on “gimmie wiki!

  1. Robert says:


    I am unable to find this plugin.
    The blogpost has been removed.

    Can you please point me in the direction of the wiki-inc plugin, or its successor?


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