daily digest


Busy day today – morning:

Will had arranged for a meeting with Hilde ColenbrandercIRcle Coordinator and Tara Stephens, cIRcle’s Workflow Project Librarian. It started with their need for a new website (easy) and ended up about the very hot topic for us – publications management. A bit of background:
I have already blogged (last week) and made a pretty bad screencast about how we (CTLT, PA, Arts, Forestry, MedIT) are in process of designing the new profile WP custom type that will address the creation, management and display of staff’s profile with the typical UBC unit’s or Faculty’s website.

So let’s say we’ve solved this and that we have a wonderful UBC CMS tool to manage unit’s directory (that in ideal world will talk to UBC directory), we still miss the ability for each faculty member to manage her or his publications. After learning in detail what cIRcle is all about, it seems like a natural fit. Between Hilde’s team and CMS group (most work done on this front by Renita Drakes from Forestry) we will work on building personas and wireframes and test the concept before looking into technology. And technology part should be lots of fun. In a nutshell, typical faculty member will be able to login to his or her unit or faculty website and see publication management interface; the publications will actually end up within ciRCle and should be found and visible on both sites. If paper is tagged or categorized with, say, “forest floor” it should be also automatically listed in UBC wiki, page “forest floor” under section academic papers. Will elaborate on the concept once we have something more solid.


CTLT’s learning technology group meeting followed by managers’ meetings. Lot of new work that I want to finish before I have time to think about it, so I don’t ever hear or think about it again.