daily digest



Enej and Michael were figuring out the ways to improve code repository workflow. Exactly the conversation I do not enjoy, but find fascinating that they can be so engaged in to that stuff. You have to admit to yourself that you cannot have an opinion on everything every time. Perhaps on most things most of the time.

Looking for a student to help with some house-cleaning issues over the summer. The person has to love to create, enjoy arts, play instrument and be kind-hearted. And enjoy coding. All the competencies I care about.

Worked with Anne-Rae Vasquez on ideas how to transition few hundred projects from BaseCamp to ActiveCollab. Wondering if we throw CWL in front of it, would it make it THE campus’ project management tool? Seems robust enough and people love it. What’s the point of running the small install for one office if it takes (almost) the same amount of effort to have it available campus-wide? That’s how UBC Blogs, Wiki and CMS happened.

Enej and I met with Ryan Wong at the clinic today and we have worked on the course supported by Natasha Boskic. The goal is to create a course environment that resembles the evoke site in certain features.

Students will rate each others’ work and collect points that will make a part of their grade.

Number of fun challenges, it looks like we will be using CubePoints and VoteItUp plugins. The course will be closed but we will share the development and after it goes live the students’ and instructor’s feedback. It could be an interesting model for student interaction and creative take on peer evaluation.

At the clinic today we had an internal CTLT client, – Zack was working on Wiki resources for CTLT Institute and also Lina, Will, Michael and Enej helped design@UBC and  Global Help Research Program sites development.