daily digest


Met with Vincent Kujala from Geography – they are learning about our CMS/blogs/wiki framework, and how it could help fill their needs. The project that brought their attention to us is www.watergovernance.ca.

Got a call from MedIT, letting me know that ehealth.med.ubc.ca is live. It looks great, fine work by MedIT!

Friday is a good day because we have our Idea Lab session where we use couple of hours to experiment with different ideas and present cool things that we’ve learned during the previous week. Some great products that we all enjoy daily are the result of similar approach: like Google News or Gmail. We do not have such ambitions but the concept already pay dividends – from UBC CMS mobile layer to couple of cool ideas in the pipe.

Today, I presented one that I will need more time than I have now to share here, but I’ll say that it is about fund-raising and very much based on the requests of many.

Will Engle came up with an idea of creating the crowd-sourcing UBC website. We’ve discussed the potential  – it seems this could be the way for anyone (students, initiatives, units) who has the need, ideas and or project plan but lacks knowledge, support or volunteers to get UBC’s crowd response – volunteering or expertise or why not, funding.

This could also be very helpful way to connect UBC with external communities in need.

Go Canucks, go (game 5 starting very soon)!