my thesis, opened.

For those who didn’t know, I’ve been back in school for a few years now, in the Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems, mentored by Eduardo Jovel. It started around my interest in Student as Producer, combined with Eduardo’s exciting work in experiential learning. I feel fortunate to work with my committee members: Jon Beasley-Murray, Maja Krzic, Will Valley and Christina Hendricks who has just agreed to join. I also feel very lucky for having a chance to communicate and get support from such greats like: Tony Bates, Will Engle, Brian LambGeorge Veletsianos and Joss Winn, among others.

Last year I switched from MSc to PhD program and all of the sudden everything looks quite a bit bigger and more complex . These days, I am trying to wrap up my proposal – work involving literature review (haven’t found much directly relevant stuff), figuring out exactly what the scope is, and making a timeline. While a lot of this is still unclear, one thing is crystallizing (discussed with and stimulated by Christina Hendricks): I’d like to expose my way through this work and make this blog a useful tool in organizing and communicating my thoughts and ideas, seeking feedback and documenting progress. And how could I not, as my research, among other things, explores the notion of open in higher-ed.

My relationship with publishing online has been quite long, intermittent  and it took various forms. I’ve been restarting my blog many times in last 10 years and published perhaps a handful of posts of some interest to my fellow educational technologists. For whatever reason I never warmed up to Twitter but I do use Facebook occasionally. My photography, on the other hand, expressed through my Flickr account, fared quite a bit better resulting in at least two book covers, numerous other photos used on websites and other promotional materials. So with a mixed record, I am looking forward to exploring open in open!