Lyle Creelman DVD Now Available

In May 2009, on the occasion of its 90th Anniversary, the School of Nursing produced a DVD celebrating the life and career of nursing leader Lyle Creelman. Spanning the 1930s to the 1970s, this unique DVD showcases interviews with Creelman, photographs of her long career with the World Health Organization, and passages of her writing.

The DVD is now available through UBC Library: We invite you to view it here.

Welcome Visiting Associate Professor: Dr. Lesley McBain

The Consortium welcomes Dr. Lesley McBain as our newest visiting associate professor. She is joining us in February and March of 2015.

Dr. McBain has a PhD in Geography from the University of Saskatchewan and is currently an Associate Professor in Indigenous Studies at the First Nations University of Canada. Her research focuses on health care delivery in rural and remote regions of Saskatchewan, in both the historical and contemporary contexts. Dr. McBain is involved in a number of on-going research projects, one of which examines the delivery of dementia care services in First Nation reserve communities and non First Nation communities to determine if there are areas of collaboration between the different jurisdictions.

While visiting, Dr. McBain will guest lecture on “Place and Nursing in Remote Northern Communities: A Historical Perspective” and work with graduate students interested in historical approaches to nursing research and using place in historical and contemporary analyses.

For more information, please email us at



Healthcare History Events – After the Asylum

Are you interested in the history of psychiatric deinstitutionalization in Canada?

The organizers of the upcoming After the Asylum Conference are hosting two public events showcasing the “provocative, visually appealing and interactive representations of the ground-breaking 5-year project about the history and ongoing legacy of psychiatric deinstitutionalization.” Both events are sure to capture the imagination and broaden understanding of mental health in both the hospital and community contexts.

On November 6th at Gallery Gachet, attendees can view unique archival photographs and listen to authors read from their new collection, “Mad Matters: A Critical Reader in Canadian Mad Studies” at the Asylum to Activism Reception.

And on November 7th at the Vancouver Central Public Library, attendees can view and participate in interactive exhibits and meet many of the folks behind the project at the After the Asylum Exhibit.

For more information and to register for these free events, go to the After the Asylum Public Events Page

See You There!