Meet the Coordinators 2019/2020

Jennifer Snyder | President

“As a fourth year Dietetics student, I am passionate about using evidence-based nutrition to promote lifelong health and disease prevention in individuals, communities and populations. My particular interests lie on the construct of food relationships, which start throughout childhood and are intricately connected to physical, mental, and emotional health. This is why being involved with Nutrikids is a no-brainer for me! It’s so rewarding to see children’s growth through food literacy and interactive activities, and is a great experience for volunteers to gain important skills such as collaboration, public speaking, problem solving, and applying their knowledge practically.”

Lucy Hoang | Marketing Coordinator

“As a 3rd year student in Dietetics, I’m infatuated with the magic of food science and the power of nutrition. To observe bread dough double in size; to feel the difference between crispy baked kale and soft steamed kale; to smell the marvellous scents of homemade blueberry jam; and lastly, to taste our creations with satisfaction; nutritious food allows us to richly engage our senses to reconnect us with our food systems. Thus, I aspire to spark a curiosity in the wonders of food, and Nutrikids is my perfect melting pot for UBC students, elementary teachers and children to collaborate and share lifelong experiences with food.”

Kyra Blair| Financial Coordinator

“My name is Kyra, but some call me Kiwi. I am a Capricorn who enjoys long walks down grocery store aisles. Some of my favourite foods include figs, rosemary rocksalt bagels, and bubble tea. I am a 4th year in the Food, Nutrition, and Health major and this is my 3rd year with NutriKids. I joined Nutrikids to gain experience creating nutrition educational material and because working with kids is so much fun.”

Trista Yuan | Resource Coordinator

“I am a third-year Dietetics student and I am passionate about nutrition, sustainability, and active lifestyles. Working closely with nutrition and health in a community setting, I can see that current society is a confusing place in regards to nutrition and body image issues. One of my goals is to support and educate younger people, as well as their families, on how to explore healthy lifestyles that are both realistic and sustainable, while also keeping our planet in mind. For me, teaching these children is a critical step in developing a healthy relationship with food. I have been volunteering with NutriKids as the Pod Leader for the past two years. I absolutely loved interacting with children and seeing them taking steps towards positive changes. It is surprising how quickly kids can learn and in-turn influence their parents and those around them. “