Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan 1: Grade 2-6

Lesson Plan 3: Grade 2

Lesson Plan 7: Grades 3-4 Rainbow

 BC Dairy Resources

Titanium Chef

Bone Health Teaching Materials

Interactive Calcium Calculator

Lesson plans for Elementary Grades


Activity: Balanced Meal – Design Your Meal

 Other Resources

Healthy Eating – Athletes

Nutrition Labelling Interactive Tool

Serving Size Fact Sheet

Nutrition Fact Sheet

Teen Tips

Fueling Your Mind and Body

VCH Nutrition Education Resources

BC Agriculture in the Classroom

Scoop Booklet

Alfalfabet Activities

Colouring Pages


Recipe Ideas

Vegetables and Fruits

Okanagan Fruit Smoothie

Fruit Salad with Juice

Cat Skeleton (great for Halloween!)

Growing Chefs Salad

Butternut Squash Soup

Grain Products

Making Bread and Butter (also available on the BCDA elementary lesson plan link)

Easy Pumpkin Muffin Bars (from Better Together BC)

Oatmeal Buffet (from Better Together BC)

Milk and Alternatives

Making Cheese (also available on the BCDA elementary lesson plan link)

Yogurt Sundaes (also available on the BCDA elementary lesson plan link)

Banana Chocolate Smoothie (from Better Together BC)

Meat and Alternatives

White Bean and Feta Hummus (recipe from BC Dairy)

Bob’s Bean Salad (recipe from BC Dairy)

Checkerboard Tuna Sandwiches  (from Better Together BC)

Celebratory Meal (Incorporating all Food Groups)

English Muffin Pizza (from Better Together BC)

Pita Pizza (from Better Together BC)

Burrito Nachos (from Better Together BC)

*Note: You can cut and bake your own tortillas to make baked tortilla chips or make Pita Chips (from Better Together BC)

Black and Orange Ghoulicious Dip (great for Halloween!)

Skeleton and Brain (great for Halloween!)