As we all know, parenting can be one of the most difficult jobs anywhere, but at the same time, is definitely, one of the most rewarding. The following article is taken from the advice of fellow parents, who have been there and done that and hope to take a little bit of learning the hard way, out of your parenting.

Make sure you try listen closely to what your child says or is trying to say. This can be related to anything from babbling or crying for specific reasons as babies, to listening intently to how the day went at school, or hearing out their various problems. Your kids want to know that you are present enough to listen to them with deep intent. If you listen try hard to them, they’re more likely to trust to you.

You should always think carefully and consider what lessons you are showing your children by your actions. You want your children to feel that you are a source that can be trusted.

Don’t let your child get into the habit of eating fast food frequently. Besides the obvious health issues, they are going to think this an okay way to feed themselves, and please believe this: fast food is very, very unhealthy. Instead, take them out to places that serve healthy foods, and let them pick their foods such as salads, and healthy sandwiches. Also, whenever possible you can try to make your child a homemade meal.

Buying a new set of wheels for your new-born can be a more daunting task than you would have thought and the prime reason for it is a plethora of options available in the market and those advertisements that leave you perplexed end of the day.

So, what to do, will you settle down for something the salesperson asks you for or you are an intelligent parent who will visit and review the best in the market and understand that some of the basic features of the pram cannot be overlooked. EasyBabyTote has prepared a list of those features that we usually overlook or miss either because of lack of knowledge or we just don’t want to.

Without beating around the bush, here are a few features that you should never miss while buying a pram:

1.    See if the pram is collapsible and fits easily in your car or not, most of the prams are difficult to fold making it a cumbersome job to fold them.

2.    Adjustable handles – this is a feature we most of the time miss or don’t take into consideration but having adjustable handles makes it easy for anyone to move it around without slouching or strain .

3.    How far the pram does reclines, remember you need a pram that reclines 130 degrees from the horizontal position to keep your baby comfortable.

4.    The locks and breaks of the wheel. Ensure that they are sturdy and strong to keep the pram in place.

5.    Make sure that the pram has 5 point safety harness to keep your baby in place with comfort. To ensure this check that the safety belts are adjustable.

6.    See if your pram has tether strap that allows you to tether to the pram and don’t forget to check the length of the strap.

7.    The hood of the pram should be big enough to provide shade to your baby, see if it has a see through space big enough through which you can keep a check on the bay activities.

8.    Does the pram you are willing to buy have a removable bumper or not?

These were the basics; EasyBabyTote suggests some quickies that you can check in the first look:

1.    Protection from weather – rain and sun covers

2.    Tyre pump

3.    Boot cover – important during cold weather

4.    Drink holders

5.    Baby toy holder

6.    Padding inserts for neonates

7.    Insect protection cover

8.    Toddler seat, important when the baby grows up and you plan to use the pram for long

The above checklist has been prepared to keep in mind what all problems a parent might face while buying a new set of wheels for their kids. EasyBabyTote has been developed to ease the life of parents, we understand that parenting is a difficult task and it might sometimes leave you frustrated. Thus, we have prepared this portal that gives you the best assistance when it comes to buying stuff related to your kids. Prams can make you spend a lot of money so buy the one that matches all your requirements and needs.’s pointers will help you in buying the best product in the market.


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Lemonade Detox

For months, I have been researching benefits and different ways to detox my body and after lo of research, I stumbled upon this detox and cleanse program that has lot of recipes that really work

I decided to give it a try for few months and noticed wonderful changes. Here is what I noticed…

  1. That’s pretty good for the tummy

Orange may help alleviate several digestion difficulties when combined with water that is hot. Included in these are acid reflux, vomiting, and parasites. As a result of intestinal characteristics of lemon-juice, signs of dyspepsia including belching and acid reflux are alleviated. Consuming lemon juice often, the intestines assisted in discharging waste better. Orange functions as a a cleaning agent and as a blood cleanser. Constipation can be cured by taking lemon-juice. It’s also known to help when consumed as a liquid alleviate problems. Lemon juice can help you absorb the food by supporting bile is produced by your liver and acts as a tonic. It reduces the number of phlegm generated by the human body. Additionally, it is believed to help dissolve gallstones.


  1. Outstanding for Care

Orange, being an all-natural medication that is antiseptic, may participate to treat issues associated with the epidermis. Orange is a vitamin C – rich citrus fruit that improves your beauty, by so getting a glow in your face and refreshing skin from inside. Daily intake of water that is lemon will make a difference. It functions as an anti aging treatment and may eliminate pimples and creases. The marks can be faded by lemon-water if used on the regions of burns. It decreases the burning sensation about your skin as orange is a chilling agent.

  1. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome in Care

Lemon water can be used in treatment additionally. It will help in removing the pain if clean lemon juice is used on the regions of odontalgia. Gum hemorrhaging can be stopped by the massages of lemon juice on gums. It offers relief from additional issues and terrible smell associated with gums.

  1. Remedies Throat Infections

Orange is a fantastic fruit that helps with battling with issues as it’s an antibacterial house associated with a sore throat, neck attacks, and tonsillitis. For aching neck, dilute one-half lemon juice with one-half water and gargle often.


  1. Outstanding for Pounds Loss

Among the important wellness great things about ingesting water that is lemon is it paves method for dropping pounds quicker, thereby behaving as a weight reduction treatment that is great. If someone requires lemon-juice combined with sweetie and luke-warm water, the body-weight can be reduced by it also.

  1. Controls Large Bloodstream Pressure

For people having center trouble, because of the high potassium articles lemon-water functions wonders. It controls large bloodstream strain, lightheadedness, supplies relaxation to body and mind together with sickness. In addition, it minimizes depression and psychological anxiety.

  1. Help in treating Breathing Disorders

Orange water aids in treating respiratory difficulties, alongside revives and respiration difficulties a man struggling with asthma.

  1. For managing Rheumatism great

Orange is, in addition, a water pill thus water that is orange may handle arthritis and rheumatism. It assists to flush-out toxic substances and microorganisms from the physique.


  1. Decreases Temperature

Lemon-water can treat an individual who’s struggling with influenza, chilly or fever. It aids to split temperature by sweat that is increasing.

  1. Actions as a bloodstream purifier

The diseases like malaria or cholera may be handled with lemon-water as it may become a bloodstream cleanser.


Cisco IP phones have become the new standard for office
desk phone communication.  These Cisco IP phones uses VoIP (Voice Over Internet
Protocol) technology providing digital wideband audio compare to the old
ATT/Bell analog pots phone lines.  As the result, they can take advantage
of the higher quality sound, thus higher quality wideband headset provided by
the digital VoIP signal – making your voice much natural sounding, rather than
like talking in a “mono” or “tunnel” tone like the old days.  The newer Cisco models such as
Cisco 6945, 7821, 7841, 7861, 7942G, 7945G, 7962G, 7965G, 7975G,
8811, 8841, 8851, 8961, 8961, 9951, 9971

have a built-in headset jack, design especially for a headset. 
 Furthermore we
recommend using a compatible headset on a daily basis instead of holding the
handset (telephone receiver) on your shoulder and next to your head.  Not
only does this method cause neck and shoulder pain for the office worker, it
also reduce office productivity as shown here in a recent study below.  The
study was done with over 2000 offer workers (ranging from salesman,
receptionist, to tech support specialist) over a 2 week period.  The users
without a headset was compared to users using a Cisco certified headset –
results was based on typing results, typing errors using two hands.  Office
workers using a headsets resulted in less errors.  The overall productivity
results was stunning.

Cisco Headset
Headset for Office stock many Cisco certified wideband
headsets ranging from $80 – $300.  From the very affordable wired Jabra headset
(see below) to the more expensive wireless headset model.  The Cisco
compatible wireless headsets models also offer remote answering functions –
allowing the user to answer the phone
call 100ft-300 ft away from the phone, as well as multi device connectivity to Cisco
deskphone, Bluetooth cell phone (like our iPhone), and computer softphone (like
Skype) via the USB port.  So you can use the
same headset onall 3 devices when needed.  For example, when you’re in the office,
if your cell phone (i.e. iPhone) rings, you can use the same wireless headset to
answer it as well as use it with any softphone (like Microsoft Skype for
Business) on your PC, and of course use it with your Cisco desk phone.

For a large Call center (or a large office), we recommend
the new Jabra Biz
1500 Cisco certified headset
.  It’s an entry level headset at the very
affordable price point.  It still a professional grade level headset with a
full 2 year warranty.  So you don’t have to worry about the quality or
longevity.  see below picture.

For a wireless headset Solution, we recommend the
CS540+EHS Remote Answer Bundle for Cisco Phones
 package for your Cisco
phone.  It’s an all-in-one package that provides remote answering as well
as wireless roaming.  It’s pre-packaged with the
Cisco EHS cable You
never have to be at your desk to answer the phone.  Plantronics CS540 is
the lightest wireless headset on the market today.  It also comes with
attachments parts so you can wear the headset either over your headset as a
headband or on-the-ear.  So you can choose or switch to the style of your
choosing.  Once the wireless headset is fully charged, it’s good for 7-8
hours of talk time.  So it’s almost impossible to run out of battery during
the course of a work day.

 Plantronics CS540+EHS Remote Answer Bundle for Cisco Phones

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