How can I use ant baits and where strategically could I place it?

Ant baits are a great strategy to fight ants. The most effective solution against ants is killing the ant nest because no matter if you killed hundreds or thousands of ants, they are ruled by a queen ant and by itself, it can spawn over thousands of eggs of ants daily, making your efforts turning into nothing.

The best of ant baits is maybe that they are almost perfect, because they came with a sugar-sweetening substance that is mixed with the poison, which ants cannot resist to pick it up and you can place it everywhere.
The recommendation is to put the ant bait in the corners of the affected room and, usually the most affected room is the kitchen. It’s suggested to put 2 or 3 of the ant baits in corners or directly in front of the cologne (if you find out where it is), place it and wait how they will disappear from your home. Ant baits are one of the most effective weapons against ants.

But never forget that ants have an important role in nature:
Soil Makers: Like earthworms, ants help to create healthy soil. By digging tunnels, ants aerate and turn over the dirt, bring nutrients closer to the surface, and allow rainwater to circulate more fully through the soil.
Seed Sowers: Seed-harvesting Ants increase the dispersal, survival, and germination rate of seeds. By carrying them to new habitats and storing them in nutrient-rich ant nests, the seeds can sprout in a safe environment, protected from seed predators as well as drought. This helps plants thrive in the wild.
Pest Police: Some ants prey on the eggs and larvae of bothersome household insects such as flies, fleas, silverfish, bed bugs, and even cockroaches. If left to colonize the perimeter of yards, ants can act as a barrier to termites and help keep pest populations down overall. The diversity of the total ant species in an ecosystem can be an indicator of overall environmental health. Having a diverse community of ants and other insects helps keep the entire ecosystem in balance, which is important for all the plants, fungi, and animals that share the environment.

What else helps against ants?

Ants can be a Problem when they suddenly appear in your home and your kitchen. You should start fighting them as soon as they appear. But: What helps against ants? There a several ways to react to ants. There is ant poison, ant baits and several kinds of sprays
The most effective solution against them is killing the nest because no matter if you killed hundreds or thousands of them, the target ist to harm their queen. The Ant queen can produce over thousands of eggs of ants daily, making your efforts turning into nothing.

Killing the Ants and the nest is easy if you choose a particular product to defeat them. Stop spraying and killing them individually. Sprays effect mainly the normal ants. For this reason we’ll use poisonous baits products. There are plenty of them in the market and the best choice is one that has a slow active effect. Why? Because with a slow active effect, you allow ants to transport the poisonous product back to the colony before they die.

This particular kind of product has two pronged attacks if poisoned ants die. The rest of the nest of ants will transport his body to be eaten by the other ants, spreading the poison further.
Eventually that poison will affect all the ants of the nest and finally the queen. This process will take between two days to three weeks, depending on the size of the infestation.

But there is one thing you should have in mind: Keeping your house clean especially the kitchen can discourage the ants from entering your home. The counter and tables should be regularly wiped and sprayed with or a mild bleaching agent, while it is also better to increase the frequency of your sweeping and vacuuming. Moreover, you must also try to keep all the leftover foods in air-tight containers so that they remain out of ants’ reach and stay fresh as well.

The Best Option in Work light Technology: LED Work lights

One of the most important components in a workplace is definitely, the illumination. LED Work Lights supply the light you need. We won’t work in a dark place, no matter how hard we tried and even if we could do it, the work or the activity to do is not going to result as we expected it to be.
Is overwhelming the amounts of work lights, technologies and many others factors that could lead a buyer to get confused about it and end up getting the least suitable option. I will give you the reasons for why LED lights are your best option for both industry and commercial use.
Having said that, we could notice the importance of the illumination of any sort of workplace. Is not just the illumination that allow you to see things clearly, is something more deep inside it, with an inadequate or insufficient light source in our workplace. It could lead to unhealthy situations like, for instance, eye strain, fatigue, headache, stress and accidents.
Obviously, nobody wants to suffer any of those symptoms, what probably arise the desire of getting the best work lights out there. Which one is at the top of the mountain? Easy: LED Technology.
Compelling reasons to choose LED Work lights
• It is safer than traditional light, due it is more environment-friendly: it has not mercury or tungsten. Besides, it reduce the emissions of CO2 by 80%.
• His durability is outstanding: Up to 45.000 hours of usage (more than 15 years if we turn them on for 8 daily hours), with a minimum maintenance.
• They doesn’t produce heat.
• Energetic saver: For the above reason, it consume up to 85% less energy compared to traditional bulbs. You’ll save a lot of money in comparison with an incandescent bulb, USD 50,00, and up to USD 275,00 with halogen lights. It resists extreme temperatures and a broader humidity and vibration (excellent for any purpose).
• It produces colors with great fidelity, with a chromatic rating between 80 and 100. In addition, it has different tones of light (cold and warm), to adjust to every kind of environment
• Rechargeable Batteries. There are plenty of portable LED work lights with very decent rechargeable batteries. There is no electrical source near? No worries, bring the LEDs and light it on! Other positive thing about LED is that the market has a longer range of battery capacities, so is up to youyou’re your estimate usage of it.
• They are small. Ever tried the small handheld work lights? They are small and flexible to use.
After those reasons, the only question to be answered is, how I’m going to choose my new LEDs and how can I install them? It’s easy.

If you want to replace bulbs already installed for LEDs

Replacing an incandescent bulb for a LED is… the same. In the case of halogen bulbs, we should test if the voltage and the type of plugin, selecting at the stores the same characteristic for our new LED.

For instance: If the halogen setup is 12V, we’ll need a LED with a transformer, unlike the case if it relates to a source of 230V. However, if we want to replace a fluorescent tube for a LED, we have to remove the transformer and the ballast, and plug in the tubes directly in the 220V source.

Now is very acknowledgeable that LED is way better and has an enormous advantage on the competition. We have a really big package with this technology: energy saver, exceptional durability, little maintenance, eco-friendly… what else could you want? The final verdict is that you should replace your bulbs for LED technology. It is the best option out there without doubts.

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