5 Part-time Jobs a Student Can Do from their College Dorm Room

Students often complain that the jobs available on-campus are very few and it is very hard to find part-time employment elsewhere. However, what if I told you that you don’t even need to leave your college dorm room to make some extra money?

  1. Freelance writer. These days anyone can publish content online, virtually with a click of a button. Which is why a lot of the opuses you find on the Internet are subpar in quality and not very engaging. But if you are skilled at creating compelling copy capable of capturing the reader’s attention and converting it into actual revenue, you can easily find part-time employment online as a freelance writer. There are numerous large websites offering work to qualified freelancers, but you can also apply to become a contributing author at reputable online magazines.  And who knows, maybe you will even be able to turn it into a full-time career after graduating college. In any case, you do need to write something on that resume after four years of studying.
  2. Virtual assistant. Numerous companies today operate without setting up a physical office space and making employees commute there every day. Instead workers perform their job tasks remotely from wherever they please, as long as their established responsibilities are effectively fulfilled. Virtual assistants usually perform customer service duties, answer email, setup calls, screen third party online correspondence, manage social media accounts, etc. This is a great way to learn about the world of business and acquire some initial working experience.
  3. eBay Store owner. Are you a seasoned secondhand shopper? Do you enjoy scoring awesome stuff at garage sales and thrift stores on weekends? Then you may be the right candidate for opening your own eBay shop. The concept is painfully simple: you buy unusual or rare items at low prices (since garage sales are limited to a very small number of buyers) and sell these items at high prices at your eBay auction (open to a huge number of interested customers). It is a great way for students to start earning some real money fast without taking any time away from studying, since most garage sales happen on the weekend.
  4. Freelance designer. If you are into art or simply enjoy doodling in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, you may find ways to make some part-time income as a freelance designer. If you are an art major this can even become a foundation for a great career. Just as with freelance writing, people with an eye for good design are dime and dozen. If your work leaves a good first impression, you could get a permanent gig with some on-demand printing companies, creating poster designs, t-shirt designs, etc. Who knows, eventually you might even start your own design company. Gifted Shirts is a great example of how you can turn your passion for creating funny t-shirt designs into a profitable online business.
  5. Vlogger/Blogger/Social Media influencer. If you are a unique creative individual who is into producing engaging online content, be it video, blog articles, or photography worth sharing; you may be able to monetize your talent. If you are relatable enough for people to subscribe to your social media channels, follow you on Instagram, etc., companies may be willing to pay you for a mention or send you free promotional products to review. Some vloggers, especially in the product review and tutorial niches are making a very comfortable living doing just that.

So, as you can see from the examples above, there is no need for you to work night shifts at a local museum, or flip burgers at McBurgerQueen. With a little bit of effort and imagination you can make money part0time without leaving the campus at all.

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