Mountain Biking in Kentucky

Kentucky is known for coal mining and bourbon but it also has amazing mountain biking as well! We are going to go over what it’s like to experience Mountain Biking in the great state of Kentucky.

Mountain biking is a sport of riding bicycles off the main road, usually over very uneven terrain and most likely the biker will be riding a mountain bike; these bikes are designed specifically for riding through rough terrains.  

Let’s take a look at some the best places for mountain biking:

Mountain Biking in Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky is the principal city in the state of Kentucky and within the bright lights of the riverboats crossing the Kentucky River at night, there are many off road activities to get involved in and this includes an amazing trail called Turkey Run. The city ordinance requires all riders to wear a helmet, so don’t forget to bring yours.

This astonishing trail runs a total of eight miles to engage in Mountain Biking and is a single track. It has an intermediate skill level and the average time for most Mountain Bikers to complete this course is around an hour and a half.  There is a new trail consists of a novice loop, accompanied with two options, plus an excessive intermediate loop stacked upon the first loop. You can also ride at night, so if you plan on riding after dark, make sure you have a bike light.

Mountain Biking in Morehead, Kentucky

Kentucky in general is known for it’s gorgeous, rolling hills and mountains, as well amazing trails to provide the perfect getaway to. Nestled in Morehead, Kentucky, there is an awesome trail to explore for Mountain Bikers and this trail is named Sheltowee Trace-Lakeview Ridge Section.  

This trail runs a total of five miles and is a single track, as the Trace will follow a stunningly scenic and rolling ridge as you ride. This pathway has been well maintained by Mountain Bikers, so this trail is well known and well taken care of. It is isolated, so be sure to bring a repair tool and a portable bike pump in case you get a flat.

Mountain Biking in Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky is world famous for being the horse capital of the world and the city in general is covered in creative statues of horses it seems as though, on every corner; but there is a great beginner trail for Mountain Biking at the Veterans Park, which runs a total of five miles and is a single track for Mountain Bikers, as well the elevation change for this trail is 300 feet.

This trail is more on the family oriented side of bikers, which has the reputation for having a little bit of everything, so keep in mind that this is more of a lower grade, beginner level of track.  So, if you are in high need to take it easy for a little bit, see some beautiful scenery, then this trail would be a great choice for you to try!

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