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It was in 2015 when UbuntuTransact first started importing Art from Africa and selling their famous “Hand Carved Smoking Pipes”, but from humble beginnings evolved today’s UbuntuTransact, African Imports. They have developed a niche in today’s market as a leading supplier of unique African gifts, Jewelry and special X factor African art & crafts to Canada’s retail, corporate and wholesale art industries. The common thread through UbuntuTransact African import products is the unexplained element, that certain something in each item that immediately grabs your attention, causes you to go WOW! or makes you look twice. Our products are unique, very special and practical. All of these have been introduced to the Canadian and US market through UbuntuTransact. Some current hot selling items are “Exotic Game skin rifle slings”, “African Jewelry” and “Smoking Pipes”.


At UbuntuTransact you no longer have to be a tourist on safari in Africa to carry a piece of Africa home with you. Shop and find African art and crafts, unique gifts, African jewelry, hand carved wooden smoking pipes, African carvings, game skin products and so much more from all across Africa.


Our product line-up started with just a few items imported from Africa and now boasts over a 100 products and growing. To keep up with retailer demand in Canada and the U.S.A, we are constantly on the lookout for original wholesale products from Africa which we feature under our “African handcrafted Crafts and Curios” and “Top 10 Products” page on the UbuntuTransact.com website.


UbuntuTransact distributes wholesale African art from coast to coast in various retail environments such as art & crafts stores, outdoor & hunting stores, hemp stores, smoke shops, museums, gift shops and tourist areas. We also work with corporate buyers and wholesale companies looking for large quantities of any given item from Africa. Some of our more illustrious African art and crafts clients are situated in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver and on Vancouver island.


So if you are looking for the latest in African art & crafts or the tried and true out of Africa, UbuntuTransact is dedicated to supplying Canada’s gift, novelty and art industry with the finest, most original and newest African import products.

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