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Residence Allocation Process

March 13th, 2013 · No Comments

The Residence Allocation Process. The RAP. Also known as the Hunger Games of Housing.

Except instead of dreading getting picked you actually want to get picked. And instead of fighting to the death you get offered a place to live on campus in second year. Yeah, I was never very good with analogies…

The RAP is UBC’s way of distributing on-campus housing as fairly and randomly as possible. Although first-years are guaranteed housing in either Totem Park or Place Vanier, upper year residences are fair game for everyone else. All applicants pay a $50 fee and get their names placed in a lottery system. Then, a couple of weeks after the deadline (around mid-February) you get notified whether you got housing or a wait list number.

Now here’s the real fun part: if you get lucky and got housing, then perfect! You’re guaranteed a place to stay next year! If you’re wait-listed, then it’s all a waiting game. From what I’ve heard, if you’re wait-list number is less than 1000 you’re pretty likely to get housing (after people decline their initial offer). But of course, it varies every year. I have a friend in second year who got housing after receiving a wait-list number of around 2000.

Lowest wait-list number I’ve heard: 60. There’s like a 99.9999% chance you’re in!

Highest wait-list number I’ve heard: 3878 I think. Looks like you’ll have to find a place off campus!

The RAP has been a huge source of joy/dread for everyone in Totem. People who aren’t getting housing now have to look for roommates and places to stay while people who did get housing are wondering where they’re going to get placed (you don’t get notified until the summer).

Fortunately this blogger doesn’t have to worry about housing for next year…. I’ll spill the details next post!

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