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A little unconventional but…

April 10th, 2013 · No Comments

This may seem weird and a little out of the ordinary but hey,

so am I.

A really close friend of mine posted this a while ago on her Tumblr about her first-year university experience so far and I gotta say (after experiencing most of these things with her) that she got it spot on.

So here’s the post she made (with permission of course.) Hope you guys enjoy!

finished my first semester of university today.

things I’ve learned in the past few months:

  • in high school being a keener was weird, but in college you’re finally accepted for your nerdiness. for once, everyone else makes you feel inadequate.
  • and, unlike high school, people finally stop caring about who hooks up with who.
  • naps are quality. I’ve taken more naps in the past few months than I have in my entire life.
  • it’s way, way, way too easy to sleep through half of your classes.
  • stereotypical messy dorm room? yep. you’ll use the same dishes multiple times before washing them. gross.
  • stereotypical staying up way too late to work every night because it’s impossible to get anything done during the day? yep.
  • stereotypical blame-everything-on-the-fact-that-you’re-a-poor-college-student? yep. buy alcohol every weekend anyway? that too.
  • stereotypical late night pizza ordering and McDonalds runs? you betcha. gross.
  • alcohol is mixed with alcohol and chased with more alcohol.
  • but if you don’t drink, everyone accepts that and that’s cool.
  • leggings aren’t pants but they’re too comfortable to not wear everyday…as pants.
  • wearing make-up is too time consuming, especially because it doesn’t even matter what you look like anymore because all of these people see you first thing in the morning, anyway.
  • half of your text conversations are just back-and-forth’s of ‘where are you’.
  • the lowest, most embarrassing moments in your life turn out to be the best stories. in fact, all poor decisions turn out to be pretty great stories.
  • it’s easy to forget that you’re living in residence to take classes.
  • frat parties are messy.
  • you’ll meet ten billion acquaintances and make a ton of good friends if you put yourself out there. everyone’s friendly and lovely.
  • then, there are a handful of people that you’ll become really close with. the ones you didn’t know four months ago but can’t imagine life without now.
  • no one really knows what they’re doing, but that’s okay.

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