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Get Connected

July 25th, 2013 · No Comments

I know when I found out where I was assigned housing I was ecstatic. I tried to find out as much information as I could on location, what the food was going to be like, room size, etc. But what I was most curious about were the people who were going to be living on my floor/in my building with me. (more…)

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Whachu know ’bout First Year?

July 18th, 2013 · 2 Comments

Inspired by Thea’s post and Samantha’s post, here are some things I learned in my first year at UBC…

  • Trust me, making friends is waaaaaay easier than you expect. Everyone is just as eager to talk about where they’re from and what faculty they’re in. Don’t be shy and go introduce yourself!
  • You’ll meet TONS of people in your first week at UBC. And you’ll probably never speak to half of them again. And that’s okay.
  • FOOLPROOF, 100% MONEY BACK GUARENTEE way to make friends on rez? (more…)

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I swear I’m still alive

July 9th, 2013 · 2 Comments

Around this time a year ago I was an eager, newly admitted student at UBC. I was excited to leave the prairies and move out to the beautiful west coast and was trying to get as much information as I could on courses, profs, events, rez life etc. And one of the best sources for all that information was right here with the UBC Blog Squad! Reading about all the real-life first year experiences from previous students really helped me out in trying to figure out what life was going to be like once I arrived at UBC.


So in the spirit of giving back, I’ll (try to) regularly post about specific things I was curious about before leaving home. And if there’s anything you lovely readers want to know, leave me a comment down below and I’ll try to get back to you or even make a post about it!


Also, it would super awesome if you applied to join the Blog Squad for the upcoming year. We’re looking for students new to UBC (first years or transfer students) to share their unique Thunderbird perspectives. It looks great on a resume (I was asked about it at my last interview), you’ll meet a fantastic group of people (many of whom you’ll become great friends with) and it’s a great way to get involved in the place that’ll be your home for the upcoming school year.

If you’re interested, click the link right down below and apply. Applications end July 21st so get blogging!

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